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Twins Maxine(Max) and Mary, parents died when they were young.
Twin Therapy Chapter 1

How long does it take one person get ready? My name is Max and my twin who takes hours to get ready is Mary. We have our first session of therapy today, so we could "deal with our loss" as the family says. Personally I don't think we need therapy but my aunt who adopted us says it's the best way to stop grieving over my parents. My parents died ten years ago why do they think I'm still grieving?

"Mary are you ready yet? We're gonna be late!" I shouted upstairs.

"Almost done." she replied.

Like I said she takes forever to get ready.Don't let my name fool you I'm actually a girl I just prefer Max to Maxine.So maybe I should tell you how and when our whole life started huh?

*******Ten years ago*******

"Max honey come inside and eat." Mum called.

"I'm not hungry!" I shouted back.

"Young lady if you don't come in here and eat I'm going to be very upset." Dad called.

I walked into the house and sat at the dining table. Mary was sitting there with her hands folded above the table ready to say Grace. I just copied her and waited for our parents to get to the dining table. When they finally joined us we said grace and started eating it was then I knew something was wrong. Mum was too quiet and dad wasn't sitting near her. Heck even Mary was behaving for once in her life.

"Mum,Dad what's wrong?" I asked confused.

"Mommy is going to granny's for the weekend and daddy is going to papa's. Granny said she wanted me to be there this weekend to help with her garden and papa wants to take the men fishing." Mum explained.

"Where are we going to go mama?" Mary asked.

"Well you'll stay with your Aunt Magenta."


I never understood what the real reason was but I just let it slide I was 6 for heaven's sake, who was I to question my parents? So that night after dinner we all packed and in the morning our aunt came and picked us up. We waved goodbye to our parents and went to our aunt's house. Our parents never came back it was on our 7th birthday party did we get the news that they had died the same weekend they left us.

********Present day******

"Ready?" Mary said smiling.

"Yeah let's go." I said walking out the door.

"Hey Max?"

"What's up?"

"I've been having nightmares again."

"Keep it to yourself we'll talk about it when we get home."


It took about 20 minutes to get to the office and another 5 to get signed in. I hope this isn't a mistake because I'm not putting Mary through that torture again, never again.
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