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What happens when a princess of the sea meets with a mage in training on a deserted beach?
Kide's Awakening Part 1
by LolaChi, Oct 23, 2011
Kide's Awakening(yes it is posted on my DeviantArt account)

It was a cloudy stormy kind of day. An earlier time when the world was newer and closer to its natural roots. The people understood more about being close to the earth and its bounty. Many people during this time were shamans. Of course there were other things, different things that even these people could not understand nor explain. There were Mermaids and Werewolves and Vampires and Faeries, also known as Fay…in fact all of these creatures were counted under the name Fay just because no one knew what to classify them as. On this day, in this time, there was a boy. This boy was named Kide. He was a special kind of boy, a special kind of shaman, although he nor anyone else knew this yet. He had an affinity with water…as well as the other elements however water was always his first known, though at the time he did not know the reasons behind him not having fear of the choppy green-grey waves nor the salty, water laden winds. He just knew that he felt at ease there, playing in the water and the sand. Kide never felt any fear while at the beach. There was a peace there that settled over him and so that is often where he could be found, if ever he told anyone where he was going. This day was special in the ten year old boys life. It was a day that he never could nor would forget. In his bliss filled hours he played on that beach, not really minding the wind and rain nor the fact that he frequently got covered by sand. He knew he could wash it off at any time, and even when he didn't no one really cared to ask the boy about where he went. So he swam and passed his time drawing in the sand, thinking about life and death and magic and music. There was nothing this boy wanted more than to experience life. There was nothing he wasn't willing to do in order to accomplish what he wanted. However, it would be a while before he was truly free. He could not leave until his twentieth year. Even so, the boy made the best of the days that he had. Most of his days, whether sunny or rainy he swam. He would swim and while he was swimming there were thoughts in his head, plans he would make and paths of life that he would think about in order to choose were it was he wanted to go when he was able to.
This special day, that truly begins Kide's story, started out as any other. He woke up, earlier than most as was usual, slipped into his soft leather shorts and filled a pack for the day. He took bread and cheese as well as a well used skin full of fresh water, a dagger to cut the food with, and his well oiled shorts to change into when he went to the beach. The reason these shorts were oiled often was to abate the stiffening effect the salt had on the leather. It isn't an easy thing to wear stiff shorts and swim, neither was it an easy job to remember just which pair was used before if he used more than one pair of shorts to swim in. So he kept these aside, oiled them when the others in his village were out of sight, and went down to the beach whenever he felt that he could slip away. He walked slowly through the trees, not bothering to wear any coverings on his feet. The moss on the ground was soft on his soles. Kide never bothered to go the exact same way to the beach, but somehow he always managed to find the same stretch of beach no matter which way he went. Today was no exception. Tall for his age Kide was already starting to fill into the body of a strong young man. Dark hair that was messy yet somehow never looked out of place, eyes that were hooded to the point of not being able to tell the color, although they were a depth-less blue grey and sparkled in the days he was filled with joy, with evenly tanned skin from being out and so often in the sun. A strong jaw and a lithe neck. You would think these things to be an opposite however they just seemed to fit so well on the boy. Unless told otherwise the boy never wore anything besides his shorts. He just had no real reason to do so. This boy walked proud and tall onto the sandy dunes. Striding his long legs easily to climb up and over, eager as always to get his first glimpse of the sea.
It may have been cloudy, and the water may have been all but still, however, Kide still saw a magnificence about the water that drew him to it. He quickly stripped and put on is other shorts and glancing around, as was his habit to be sure he wasn't disturbed, ran to the water and dove in as soon as he hit the familiar waterline. He dove over and over through the waves, sometimes under them, challenging the water in a game of catch-me-if-you-can. When he grew tired, he just floated there for awhile. He didn't know why, but suddenly he thought that it would be a good idea to see how far and how deep he could go. So he swam further out than he ever had. He went past the depths he knew and started swimming straight down. There didn't seem to be an end to it. There didn't seem to be a bottom wherever he now was. He felt his chest start to constrict so he turned around, trying so hard to reach the surface. The tumultuous waters fought him. They crashed and currents pulled at him. There was no way Kide would make it to the surface in time, and still he felt the peace of the water. He had faith in the world he knew, and so was not afraid, even if death should take him. It did not come to that, not this day. No, something extraordinary happened to the boy that had no knowledge of the Fay as yet. The boy was saved by an underwater beauty. A beauty who appeared out of nowhere and hauled the boy up and out of the water. Her arms stronger than he would have thought them to be. He did not immediately see her tail. A pretty gold-green color like that of the sea on a gentle summers day. It was that tail, over half the length of her torso, that allowed the girl to save the boy. She couldn't have been much older than he by the looks of her. She was just so young looking, and yet striking. Her heart would be the prize of any who looked at her, most especially when she got older. He didn't really see her until she was there holding him, hauling him upward. Her hair just slightly greener looking than the sea itself, it wrapped around them, feeling soft as clouds should or so it seemed to Kide at the time. The girl didn't just get him to the surface of the sea though, no, the girl helped him to get to shore as well, apparently certain that his strength should be gone by now. Which was lucky for him, as he himself did not know if he would have been able to make it back. As she strove towards the shore, her tail flashed brightly in the sun as she worked him ever closer. He glanced back as the light flashed off her scales and was amazed by it. The color, the size, by just the fact that she had a tail to begin with and not legs. However, he was taken by her looks, and by her need to help him and so said nothing about it.
The girl pulled him onto the shore, Kide was apparently conscious and breathing so the girl took a moment to use her powers and pull the water from her tail, which then not only turned into a pair of legs, but also had a dress appear over her form to preserve her dignity and innocence. It was a white gown, with ribbons of a blood-red color wrapped around it to keep it in place over her form. What really caught Kide's attention though were her eyes. As soon as she turned her shimmering eyes to him he was lost in them. Those eyes at first appeared a sea-green, and then changed to a dark blue, the subtleties in color change were more than just those. They changed so much they looked like personal swirling storms. Kide would never forget those eyes. The girl though, while Kide was staring with intent interest at her face was watching all of him. Her eyes tracing over his skin, watching his unruly hair in the wind and wanting to reach out and feel how soft it was. The feeling Kide now had towards the girl was mutual. She had never seen a human before. There were of course others of her kind but the girl was at a loss about the world that surrounded the one in which she lived. Kide kind of shook himself a little and the girl noticed. For the first time she spoke to him, in a clear but low voice, and asked, "Um…are you okay…?"
Kide kind of stared at her for a moment before answering. He couldn't believe that someone would have such an amazing voice. "Yes, I'm fine now, thanks to you. My name is Kide, what's yours…?"
"My name is Syrin Neo Astarte Brigid Danu Selene Yemaya...you can call me Syrin."
"Syrin…" Kide tried out the name, "It's very pretty, just like you. I've never heard a name like that before."
"I've never heard the name Kide before either. It's interesting." Syrin replied smiling openly at him. "The truth is Kide that I've been watching you for a long time. I've been cooped up at home for so long, I had to find somewhere I could go that was outside of the world I've always known. A few months ago I found you here. There was just something about you…a kind of light that seemed to be around you. I didn't know what to do, so I just started coming hoping that I could see you. The days you weren't here I felt so lonely…but the days you were here more than made up for it." Syrin said starting of slowly and rushing to the end as she feared he might shy away from her knowing this much truth.
"Well...now that I know you're here, would you like to swim with me when I come?" Kide replied smiling at her blushing face.
"I would like that very much. However I'm afraid that I'm not going to be able to." Syrin had such a heart breakingly sad look on her face as she said this. Kide couldn't help but wonder why she would be so sad, even though he felt the same way. They had just met after all.
"Well…there must be something we could do. I would like to see you again. Let me think a moment." With that Kide got up and went over to his pack, rummaging through it. He came across the small dagger at the very bottom. Still thinking, Kide went to the tree line, looking for something but not quite sure what it was just yet. Meanwhile, Syrin had stood up and was doing her own thinking, staring out at the waves and unconsciously using her powers to keep the water from touching her feet. She walked slowly back and forth on the shore, making the water pace around her. Suddenly she looked down. At her feet she saw a few scales from her tail. Rather larger than what normally came off. Syrin said a silent prayer of thanks and reached down to pick them up, then returning to the sand dune and thinking farther about what she could do with them. Kide noticed Syrin sitting back down, staring at something in her hands. He wondered briefly what it was and then had a sense of being mentally tugged towards a small patch the carpeted green moss that was covering a heart shaped rock. He tugged the rock up, surprised by how light weight it was and then glanced around him. He saw some vines of green ivy next to where he stood and went over to grab it. Walking slowly and thoughtfully with his findings he sat slowly back down next to Syrin. He set down what he found and then she placed what she had picked up on top of the moss where the golden color of the scales stood out against the deep green.
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