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Jezebel claims her inheritance.
"I remember Daddy," Jezebel said, as she and Megyn ambled up the flagstone walk toward the white house that had been their father's pride and joy.

"How could you, Jez," Megyn gave her, younger, sister a sidelong look. "You were only..."

"I remember Daddy! I remember his crystal blue eyes, his distinguished, Errol Flynn, mustache, and his crooked smile."

"You remember his description from the picture Mama gave before she died."

"No!" Jezebel stopped at the foot of the wooden steps leading up to the front porch. "The picture Mama gave me was black and white. In it Daddy was wearing his Navy uniform, but I remember Daddy from the night Granddad threw him out of the farmhouse."

"Jez, you were twenty-four months old. How could you remember anything from that night? I barely remember it myself."

Ignoring her sister, Jez carefully climbed the three steps leading to the white washed wooden porch. At the door she paused, looked behind her to see if Megyn was following, removed a key from her Levi's pocked, and unlocked the door. "Well," she turned to glare at sister, "are you coming in with me?"

"Of course, I've came with you this far. I want to know what you, think, you remember from the night Daddy abandoned us."

Inside, Magyn opened the drapes covering the picture window that looked out onto the front of the house while Jezebel sat down on the, sheet covered, couch facing the fireplace. Once Megyn had settled herself on the couch, Jezebel turned to face Magyn, her eyes blazing blue green.

"Mag, Daddy didn't abandon us. Granddad kicked him out of our lives. Now, if you want to here what happened that night, just sit there, keep your mouth shut, and listen."

"Fine," Magyn shook her head, "I'll listen to the story you've build up in your mind, but then you have to listen to the truth. Mama told me what really happened the night Daddy left."

"Daddy came into my room, he was wearing his khaki work pants with a white t-shirt. He picked me up, kissed me on the forehead, and whispered I love you. Before he could put me back in my bed, Granddad came into the room and punched Dad in the face. Daddy dropped me then Granddad grabbed him by the front of his t-shirt and started betting him. I was crying, but Granddad wouldn't stop beating Daddy. Finally, he dragged Daddy from the room. Later Mom come in and put me back in my bed."

Magyn sighed, "Jezebel, that was the night you fell out of your crib and hit your head on the floor. You've been crazy ever since." She got up, stalked to the door, and turned to face her sister. "I'll put your overnight bag on the porch. I'll be back tomorrow with a real estate agent so we can sell this place."

"Mag, I'm not selling this house. If you want you can have the rest of my clothes sent over, or you can get a lawyer."

"Why would I need a lawyer?"

"Aren't you going to try to break Daddy's will?"

"How did... George, told you. Didn't her?"

Jezebel, a Cheshire cat grin on her face, watched Magyn removed a box of groceries and an overnight case from the Volkswagen Bug. After placing everything on the porch, Magyn got into the vehicle and sped away.

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