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When I let God back into my life, the feeling was so powerful. I shall never forget it.
"He lights up My Soul"
By Teresa Blakely

From the moment I let You into my heart
I felt the warmth of Your love growing within me.

Your arms around me holding me close
A loving embrace, one to never let go.

The feeling of joy and peace swells within my soul
You light up my soul, like nothing I have ever known.

You bring me love, tenderness, and hope
This feeling brings me an electrifying warmth deep within.

Everyone knows the feeling
When He lights up one's soul.

There is a great celebration waiting for me
Rejoicing, praising and dancing just to say.

When I think of You, You light up my soul
This radiant light shines from within.

So bright and warm, just bursting to get out
You light up my soul.

To others, I hope you can see, what is inside of me
The faith, joy, happiness, hope, and love within my soul.

Because I'm just beaming with the warmth of His love
For He lights up my soul.

Words: 194
Lines: 20
Date: October 23, 2017

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