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Message to the Congregation
Love Thy Neighbor

When they asked me to speak tonight, I'd hadn't slept in days. I was like you want me to do what? So I prayed about it, and God led me to a situation that we are all in right now. A beginning, a place to start, Love thy Neighbor. We are in a chaotic world right now—a world full of doubt when it comes to trusting others.

I know several of us drive going down the road. Just minding our own business, jamming on the radio, full blast, when you spot this car up ahead broke down. Do you think about pulling over or keep going? Do you say to yourself, it's not my problem, and keep driving down the road? You're out shopping or out at the park when you see someone getting hit or robbed by someone. Do you help or say it's not my problem? We are all doing this, whether we mean to or not. Are we afraid of what might happen to us? So, we make it not our business.

What happened to love thy Neighbor? What if you were that person getting robbed or beat up? Wouldn't you want someone to help you? It doesn't matter what race, what position you have in our society, or what nationality you are. What matters is that you are a human being who has a family and loved ones. It starts here with us. Love Thy Neighbor as we do ourselves.

My mom instilled the Golden Rule into us as we grew up, I genuinely believe in it. Through all my years I have lived by it, I have taught my sons, my employees, and I will teach my grandchildren and anyone else that I might meet by living by those Golden Rules that God left to us. I live to be kind and love all those that I can. God wants us to love each other.

We need to unite and make America secure. Our enemy attacked us 15 yrs ago, and we stood together for a little while. Why can't we join and stand firm against our enemy now? All those who don't want America to be secure are evil and are OUR Enemies. Why can't everyone see this? Are we that blind? That we don't know what is going on or do we choose to say it's not my business.

It's at our doorsteps now. Here in our nation, we have let the enemy into our backyard. They are not knocking, and they are sneaking in slowly under our noses because we are too blind to see it. Too busy fighting with each other. Because we think that the next person owes us or the past owes us, we have to get past this. There is too much at stake to be fighting amongst each other.

We are the melting pot of the world. If you have come here, it is more likely to get away from the lifestyle of where you lived before. Our Forefathers of this nation fought for our rights, freedom of speech, freedom to choose our religion and to escape persecution.

We have steadily let go of those things. It is barbaric how we treat our freedom. We have given up things like the Pledge Allegiance in schools, and Religious rights, to name a few. We use excuses over and over. We don't want to offend anyone.

We were a Strong Nation once, and we can be a very STRONG NATION again if we will wake up and UNITE TOGETHER. To beat those who are against us. I want to stay free, so I can do the things I love to do. Go places, see this big beautiful country of OURS. The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE.

We don't see color; we see courage, love, friendship, families, and rights. The right to bear arms, freedom of speech, and free to have religion, unlike other countries. So why are we letting people do these things to us, to our children's future and future generations? WHY??????

Matthew 22:39 says it all, "And the second is like it: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'

We need to pray, think, and act upon our responsibility to protect our rights, families, religion, and our country. If we don't fight for our country, who will? Do we want to grow our country to be STRONG again or let it dissolve and be no more? We need to stand up and change things now.

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