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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

I’m lost. Ren thought into the darkness. He had been traveling for quite a while and his treasure was growing heavier with each step. He set it down, he needing a little rest.

He had been so excited finding this. Finally, something that would help him stand out from the rest of the throng. All his friends were happy to go along, be an anonymous part of the group. He often wondered why he couldn’t be like them, or why they didn’t even understand why he wanted more. Well, truth be told, he didn’t really understand it himself.

He had been so excited finding this thing, that he forgot to pay attention. And, as it began to get dark, he realized he had not paid the attention he should have during his training classes either. Lesson number one being: Follow the trail left by the scouts.

Well that wouldn’t help him now, since he bolted off that trail as soon as he noticed something shiny over to the side. Lesson two, never go off a trail alone. Oops.

The shiny thing turned out to be a circle with a sparkly bump on the side. Ren had no idea what it was, but he was very excited, he had never even seen anything like this before. Maybe nobody had!

Finally, he stumbled upon a path and wound his way home. Everybody gathered around, so happy that he was safe. His treasure, however, proved to not be as exciting as he had hoped.

It did make him famous though, just not in the way he had pictured. From that night on, he was never able to shake the nickname Ringo. Apparently, bringing home a diamond ring is not exactly exciting to ants.
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