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Thankful for the blessings I have been given.
Dear Heavenly Father, Lord my God,

As I sit here today, thinking of the day we met, it takes me back to the moment that You dreamed of me. How You started with my soul and heart. You designed my eyes, connected to one's soul. You told me once, "The eyes are of the soul." my child. You gave me this great smile of mine. You counted the hairs upon my head. The light touch of my hand, the softness of my voice, and the kindness of my heart. You told me that You made me, of Your likeness, one of a gentle soul.

As I grew, You reminded me that You were not far from me. You would never forsake me or leave me. But, as I grew older, I wandered off. Like most children do with their parents. I grew up and decided that I knew what was best—no longer need Your guidance. I would find Your advice once again through my trails and seasons that I would still need my Father's love, comfort, strength, and gentleness. I needed to believe, to have faith, that You were still there, hoping and praying. Now, knowing that You would forgive me and hold me as tight as You had when I was small.

I often think of how silly I was not to introduce You to my children. For love, You gave me, was theirs too. I know that what You taught me was to love, forgive, and believe that all else is nothing compared to Your love. You have never left me, even though I did You. Now that I think about it, it's just like when my children grew up and left me alone. Then, they came back to my loving arms, in time of trouble. No matter what, the love of a parent is endless love and forgiving soul.

I want to tell You, Thank You for all that You have done for me. That You are an Awesome Father, You go to bat for me, You mend my broken heart, You hold me when I am sick or tired, You even stood up to bullies for me, and most of all You love me for who I am, no matter what I have done. That unconditional love of a parent.
Lord, without a doubt You are the Best Father a girl could have.

I even know now that You enjoy it, even more, when we come to You in times of joy, happiness, and success. To praise You for all things good and even for those not so good. You have always put a lesson or reason behind those also. You show me. Your love immensely without boundaries. Thank You for the many blessings that You have given me, and the ones in my future.

With all my heart, You are so loved by me,
Your loving daughter,

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