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I decided to write a "Dear Me" letter to help motivate me for 2018
Dear Me,

I'm not sure how this is going to help you, but I need you to listen to me. You have been through so much in your life already. I do know that you have accomplished everything that you have set your mind to in the past. So 2017 wasn't your year for personal goals. But, I am so proud of you that you took a giant step in your passion for writing. You took that step and joined WDC, a site that has some awesome people who look out for each other.

You set a goal for yourself to put out your pieces and see what would become of them. Man, I know that you were scared to death doing it. Putting a poem or two was all you were going to do—heck girl when you leaped for contests and wrote some short stories. I was like, what do you think you are doing, this is not just your decision! But you held your own. I have to give you that much. You surprised me when you won 1st place in Stormy's Halloween contest.

"All Hallows Eve Ball

I was proud of you when you helped a dear friend with her auction.

"The Four Seasons Auction

That turned out pretty awesome. I know that it has been a challenging year for you, breaking out of your shell. Getting to know people has never been hard or for you to make friends. But, I know that with the challenges that you have now, it's been hard. I'm pretty proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

Although you have disappeared on me for the last three months, you have gone silent on me, and I need to know, are you planning on returning? Because you have a lot of things left undone. I've even noticed that you don't also make appearances at home either. It's becoming a habit that I don't like. You know how OCD I am! You're scaring me like your piece.

"The Night of the Frost Owl

Then you did your first short story, and that was amazing, girl.

"Invalid Item

Wow, you have it going, have to polish things up here and there. Ask for some help, and whatever happens, don't take it to heart. You know, just like when you worked in retail management, you took criticism very well. I always took it as a lesson to learn, and you always kept it positive. The same rule applies here, so go for it, spread your wings and fly.

So do you think you might come back and help me out because I've been pretty lonely without you around? I'd like to see us finish editing "Door's," and "The Great (Almost) Get Away." I'm sure that others can do some editing also. I'm going to attend some writing classes. I know that you wanted to participate in some of them, and they will be starting soon.

I'd like to see you write some more short stories just like

"Sandy the California Snowman

I'm going to do a sequel to it. Someone suggested it, so why not? You still have some more grand dog adventures to write. It's not like you don't have it all locked up in your head. Oh, wait, you do, and that's why I can't move forward without you. Please come back from wherever you are. I need my right side of my brain, or is it the left? I forget! See, what I mean, lost without you. So go gather up your things, vacation is over, girlfriend.

The other side of Me~

February 16, 2018
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