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When you think the date is over!
First Date Impressions

The crowd jumped to their feet, roaring to the points scored, tying the game. A guy above them accidentally hit the soda vendor, who had been trying to dodge everyone and ended up dumping all of his soda on top of Jamie. Jamie jumped in shock and tried shaking the soda off.

Everyone around them started cheering, whistling and clapping. Jamie realized they were clapping for her, not for another score. As the flushness reached her cheeks and spread to the rest of her body. Tim could tell she was embarrassed by her redness against the white shirt she was wearing.

She became stiff from the coldness of the drinks. Standing there frozen in time, not knowing how to react to what just happened. Tim grabbed his jacket and wrapped it around her. The crowd subsided and returned their interest back to the game.

Jamie sat down, still trying to recover from the flushness in her cheeks. Tim lean down and whispered in her ear.

“I’ve never seen anyone turn that red before, “Are you okay, Jamie?” Tim asked.

Jamie kept her eyes focused on the zipper of his jacket, zipping it up and down. Jamie shook her head and said, “I’ll be okay thank you for the jacket.”

“Do you want to leave and go change your clothes?” Tim asked.

Jamie looked at him with her beautiful hazel eyes, although her mascara had ran down her cheeks, he still found her beautiful. She managed a slight smile.

“I think it best, I’m a total mess now, I’d hate to be seen with me, if I were you.” implied Jamie.

“Who said the date was over? We are just getting started,” as Tim lean down and kissed Jamie on her very sticky sweet forehead.

Word count: 298

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Assignment # 2: Embarrassment May 8, 2018

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