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Things you least expect.
As my pastor closes service, he asks if everyone could take a moment and reach out to a fellow member with a love offering. He tell us that he found out a couple of weeks ago that "She" is struggling financially and needs our help.

He tells us that she is faithful to God, attends every Sunday and she reaches out to her fellow man and goes beyond what she is asked. And she, is there that day.

He has been praying for her and decided to ask the congregation for assistance. As everyone listens, you see them digging in their pockets and in their purses, finding what they can. One by one, they take the offering to the altar.

Myself, I start digging around frantically trying to find money, it's my last bit that I have for the rest of the month. I take it up and place it on the altar.

I know that every bit counts and I'm willing to help. I know, what it is like to struggle to make ends meet and I want to help. I have a few things to do before I leave the church.

Everyone leaves, and Pastor walks up to me and says, "Thank you for all the things that you do and everyone appreciates it." He hands me an envelope and I stand there staring at it. He says, "Go ahead open it!"

My hands are trembling, my knees are getting weak. I tear the envelope open to find a check for exactly what I need to fix my car. The tears flowed down my cheeks, I buckle under the unexpected surprise. Pastor helps me up and I grab him in a monster hug, thanking him repeatedly. My eyes glowing and my heart full of joy. I start singing "Hallelujah" raising my hands in the air, thanking God for all He does for me.

Word count: 315

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