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First Place winners will be recorded here
Only the first-place winners will be recorded here, along with a link to their entry.


2018: *Trophyg* 1st Place Winner's

July: *Trophyg* "Peter the Apostle!

August: *Trophyg* "Lessons from Within

September: *Trophyg* "Son-Rise!

October: *Trophyg* "Two Adams

November: *Trophyg* "The Day the World Changed

December: *Star* 4 WINNERS *Star*

December: *Trophyg* "Lord Will Fulfill my Needs ~Psalms 23

December: *Trophyg* "The Shepherd's Cross

December: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

December: *Trophyg* "The Shepherd is Coming


2019: *Trophyg* 1st Place Winner's

January: *Trophyg* "Heart-Full Praise

February: *Trophyg* "The Barbed Wire of Sin Never Wins

March: *Trophyg* "every morning shines me

April: *Trophyg* "He Has Risen

May: *Trophyg* Didn't have enough entries for May's contest.

June: *Trophyg* Didn't have enough entries for June's contest.

*Poseyp* *Giftv* *Poseyy* Celebrating 1 year *Poseyy* *Giftv* *Poseyp*

July: *Trophyg* "Faithful is He who has called me

July: *Trophyg* "My Future

August: "CLOSED"

September: *Trophyg* "A Mary Heart in a Martha World

October: *Trophyg* "JOY!

November: *Trophyg* "ruwth is writing...

December: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item


2020: *Trophyg* 1st Place Winner's

January: "CLOSED"

February: *Trophyg* No Winners

March: *Trophyg* "Unwarranted Forgiveness

April: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item


June: *Trophyg* "Image In A Mirror

*Poseyp* *Giftv* *Poseyy* Celebrating 2 years *Poseyy* *Giftv* *Poseyp*

July/August: *Trophyg*"Being Yoked With Jesus

September: *Trophyg* "Dissipating Depression

October/November: *Trophyg* "The Gospel of Luke

December: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item


2021: *Trophyg*1st Place Winner's

January: *Trophyg* "Psalm 40:8

February: *Trophyg* "God So Loves The World

March: *Trophyg* "There Is No God?

April: *Trophyg* CLOSED

May: *Trophyg* CLOSED

June: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

*Poseyp* *Giftv* *Poseyy* Celebrating 3 years *Poseyy* *Giftv* *Poseyp*

July: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

August: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

September: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

October: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

November: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

December: *Trophyg* "Invalid Item

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