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This year the accessories have taken the streets and are big statement trend.

We all know that the little details make us fall in love when we talk about fashion. In fashion, every accessory that we add to our attire raises our outfit. It's one of the reasons why women love to wear accessories!

This year the accessories have taken the streets and are big statement trend. For example, it's not the same to wear a totally black outfit without a purse that accompanies it or a piece of jewelry that decorates not only the look but also our body.

Jewels have been a symbol of wealth for years. In line with that logic is this year's flattering trend: protection amulets, and artistic expression.

Remember last summer's maxi earrings inspired by Latin cultures that were full of color and passion? This year, necklaces in gold and silver are one of the most viewed trends both on the streets and on social networks. Do not miss out the opportunity to fall in love with the little details by adding multi-necklaces of different lengths to your day or night time outfit.

The key to this trend is to use delicate necklaces of different lengths so they will fall on your neckline like a cascade. Add chains in gold, silver and rose gold with charms or simply chains of different designs. You can rock this trend with a blouse, a V-neck t-shirt, a strapless top or a denim shirt. The sky's the limit when it comes to wearing layered necklaces.

One of my favorite ways to show off this trend is with a simple and minimalist silk dress. This small detail adds a 'je ne sais quoi' of elegance and sensuality to a simple piece since it's not only a soft but also provocative touch. As a last style tip, I invite you to break the rule of "not mixing different tones of precious metals". This season, or even better, this year, break the rules and mix necklaces of pink gold with silver, gold necklaces with rose gold and silver or just the two golds. The combination of precious metals is trendy, elegant and unique, but also adds personality to any outfit.

Don't forget to add this to your shopping pieces or birthday present list. Toss in a few jewelry pieces from chokers to short, medium and long chains.

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