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just looking for opinions about my idea before i write it completely
For ages people have wondered who built the pyramids. Simply it was aliens but where have they been in recent years no one knows but the answer is quite simple they've been at Bay not able to return because of all the cigarette smoke that is appeared in the atmosphere and this thick layer of smoke prevents them from returning but now in recent years people have quit smoking and people started smoking less and less therefor the level of smoke in the atmosphere is decreasing over time so years and years and years go by and every year the smoke becomes weaker and weaker and there's less and less of it until eventually there is so little smoke that the aliens that once helped us can now return but they are not happy and they will seek revenge. But the question is are you on the side of the humans or do the aliens have a good reason to be angry at us only time will tell as you learn more and more about everything.
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