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A sudden tornado is coming in.
Randy had wanted to go fishing and had said we could take his Dad's gear. We met up at his place so we could help him carry the stuff. The best place to fish was a spot not far off Watson's road where the river widened at the bend.

Things had gone well until Ebby pointed to the sky to the west. Clouds were gathering and they weren't just dark. There was a greenish witch-like colour to them.

"That's not good." I told them shaking my head as I looked.

Randy agreed. "We better head back. Don't forget nothing. My Dad will kill me if he finds out we took his stuff."

"I thought you asked." Ebby, ever the rule follower said as he wound in his line.

Randy just shrugged.

"We better go." I said the anxiety creeping into my voice. I could see the clouds start to gather and swirl.

My voice had Ebby gathering his stuff up as fast as he could.

I did too.

Randy took his time.

I ran up the bank with Ebby right behind.

Looking back at the clouds, I decided that I didn't want this gear slowing me down. I threw it towards the edge of the tress. Ebb did the same. Then we grabbed our bikes and pedaled off down the road.

"Hey, what about the stuff? Guys, I need help." Randy yelled after us when he got to the top of the river bank.

I didn't slow down, but I did manage to yell back at him, "That cloud means danger. We need to get out of here before something happens. We can come back for it later... if the stuff is still here."

"Shit!" Randy grumbled looking back at the cloud. It had begun to fill the sky. He dropped his stuff and scampered onto his own bike.

The wind surged around us stirring up the dust and bending the smaller trees. The air had felt heated. The sky flashed and lightening flickered within the growing ominous cloud. We pedaled faster. The temperature seemed to drop.

The sky opened up and rain poured down. Lightening flashed. Hail pelted us. Our clothes were soaked. We rode on knowing our lives depended on it.

I dared not stop for fear of it catching up with us. Instead I yelled for us to head to my place. My family had a shelter down in the basement. Our neighbours had laughed at my Dad insisting on building it, but here we were in need of it. I just hoped we could make it there in time.

The pouring rain and the thunder continued to hammer out the air. The sound almost deafening, but then the sound that made my skin crawl roared up. Like a freight train at full speed. A tornado.

Around us debris flew by. Each of us made our way around the things that began to dump down into our path. Ebb screamed for us to "Go!"

By the time we reached the house we threw down our bikes and ran for the shelter's door. It took all three of us to pull the door up and we all fell into the dark space below not caring what we landed on, Ebby helped me pull the door back into place, then I jammed the lock into place before leading them back into the farthest point of the space.

We waited it out. Listening to the wind and rain pound out on the shelter's door. I buried my head and covered my ears not caring that tears and mud streamed down my face.

When things finally became quiet none of us moved still struck with fear.

After a long while Ebby moved towards the door. His hands trembled as he dislodged the lock, but it took both of us to push the door open. We poked out our heads and gasped.

The sight before us was absolute destruction. There was nothing that resembled our town. My house seemed to be the only one still standing.... untouched.

Ebby pointed to where we had thrown our bikes. "They're gone." He muttered shell shocked.

We started to head into town; picking our way over overturned cars and wayward appliances, enormous amounts of wood and other unidentifiable bits and pieces.

"Where is everyone?" Ebby whispered.

I started calling out for anyone, but this part of town was quiet. As we moved down past main street we saw a few people milling about digging through the rubble and calling out to others who were trapped.

I could hear sirens off in the distance.

Randy ran on unsteady feet to where his house once stood. "Dad?" he yelled, but the silence was deafening. Tears streamed down his cheeks and he whipped at them, smearing mud and dust over his dirty face.

We moved on to find Ebby's house gone, but his mother stood as if dazed until she saw her son. Ebby ran to her and was swallowed up into a huge hug. When she was sure he was okay, she pulled Randy and I over and hugged us as well.

"We'll be alright..." she told them.

"We need to help find others." I said.

"Your parents?" Ebby's mother asked.

"They went in to the city to work... not here." I managed to tell her over the thickness of my throat. Looking over at Randy I knew he could not say the same.

"Randy..." she said as we all looked at him.

He sank to the ground. His eyes took in the sights around him as he said weakly, "my Dad's going to kill me. I lost his fishing gear."

Word Count = 943.

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Prose piece for sudden tornado prompt.
Winner - September 22, 2018
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