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Write about getting your dream job.
I had been working several jobs for as long as I could remember. Trying to juggle a life that was starting to wear thin, leaving me feeling burnt out and bruised. I'd put my dreams of writing and travel on hold... indefinitely.

It was a Tuesday evening when I arrived home from having worked two of my jobs, that Karen, my roommate, presented me with a rather thick envelop.

"This is addressed to you from Scotland." she said handing it over ad standing there waiting for some kind of response.

Though my heart tripped up and sped in eager anticipation, I kept my facial expression neutral. I did not need Karen nosing in on my business. She was a roommate. That was all. Her nosy nature grated on my nerves and I had learned early in our living arrangement to keep my person life strictly that, off limits. I loved this place, but there was no way I could afford it on my own. The thought of moving left me feeling exhausted. I was already stretched too far, emotionally and financially. Having to find a place, pack and move was just too much.
But this letter. This letter could be my ticket out.

Just to annoy her and also give myself some space, I tucked the envelop in my back pocket like it didn't matter and headed for the kitchen to make myself a cup of tea. Karen followed.

She continued to rattle on about her own day, but I knew she was dying to know what was in the letter.

I took my time fixing my tea, then I excused myself and headed off to my room. For a moment, I thought she was almost going to follow me into my room... my sanctuary.

I waited at least another five minutes to make sure Karen had gone before I settled on my bed and opened the envelop. Before pulling out the letter I took a calming breath and blew it out slowly.

I read the letter over several times to make sure I understood. I felt like screaming and dancing, but I restrained myself.

I got the position. I got the position. I would be travelling to Edinburgh when my teaching job was done... or maybe I would take a leave of absence... no full break. I needed this. I'd turn in my notice to the Quickie Mart and say goodbye to my special service clients.

I would be living in another country. Travelling around Europe writing for a travel magazine all expenses paid. And my home base would be Edinburgh, Scotland. I could hardly believe my application had been accepted.

I would be able to write in all the wonderful European cities I had only dreamed about. Now I would be going on an adventure.

I could finally leave this place. I could finally get on with my life and stop hiding. I could finally follow my dreams and live an adventurous life.
I wanted to leave now, but there were things to be done. One step at a time. July would come soon enough.

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Writer's Cramp
TODAY'S PROMPT: due October 1, 2018
I recently put myself out there and applied for a writing position on the TV show I idolized as a kid. Just for good mojo, let’s make today’s prompt all about Getting your dream job.

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