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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Relationship · #2171201
Postcards from the edge
Wish You Were Here

Wishing you were here
All those years ago
I thought the world would make sense
Little did I know

Adventures through a child's eye
A mystery strewn tour
So cynical, an adults lie
Life loses its allure

As parents prove poor safety nets
Learnt lessons as we go
We wing our way through wires spent
Burnt sessions simmer low

We learn we don't have answers
To all the questions posed
No rhythm to the seasons
With reasons undisclosed

But some things, they just make sense
When the right people are round
The labyrinths we scour through
The corners, truths are found

The faces they reside with
The spaces they fill in
The hollows time takes from us
The pieces we have been

In ourselves, we fit with others
Not guaranteed to last
Friends, Acquaintance... Lovers
Chapters of our past

Passages of passion
Pages of disdain
Words that ring in hindsight,
as sentences, they train

They rail 'cross life's postcards
Lines trail, thick and dense
… I just wish that you were here,
with you the world makes sense
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