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by Emily
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A place to store my completed Wodehouse Challenges
a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
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"What-ho, Emily! Congratulations on completing two different set of tasks for  [Link To Item #wodehouse] ! Guess this means you're now an official member of the Drones Club, so have a pint on the house, will yer? Here's to seeing you around the forum next time!" *tips hat and bows* *^*Bigsmile*^* Merit Badge in A Wodehouse Challenge
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October 2018 - Comrade Butt

Part One: Enter a Horror Contest

Part Two: Review ten items in the Scary/Horror, Thriller/Suspense, or Dark Genres

Part Three: Write five product reviews for horror, thriller, or dark themed items

Part Four: Welcome two Newbies interested in Horror

Part Five: Write a blog post about your experience with the horror genre

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Congratulations on successfully completing The Dark Society's tasks as part of  [Link To Item #1280691] !


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January 2019 - Gwladys Pendlebury

Part One: Give a brief summary of five Grandmasters in history

Part Two: Write a story or poem using chess pieces as the main characters

Part Three: Write a blog entry about five things you would want to be a Grandmaster of

Part Four: Write a blog entry about one thing you are a Grandmaster of

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"What-ho, Emily! Congratulations on showcasing your 'Grandmastery' on a variety of topics for  [Link To Item #wodehouse] ! Huzzah and have a pint on the house, will yer? Here's to seeing you around the forum in the future!" *tips hat and bows* *^*Bigsmile*^*


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February 2019 - Henry Wooster

Part One: Create a word search of 25 coffee-related words and post it the link in the newsfeed

Part Two: Write three reviews for coffee related items

Part Three: Write a poem about coffee

Part Four: Purchase a raffle ticket for a Newbie and introduce myself

Part Five: Random Act of Kindness

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Congratulations on successfully completing your  [Link To Item #1280691] !!!  #CoffeeRulez! Hugs, Lilli


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March 2019 - Daphne Braythwayt

Part One: Write an essay (<1000 words) on the Age of Enlightenment

Part Two: Write summaries (<500 words each) of five important figures from the following eras: Pre-Socratic, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern and Contemporary

Part Three: Write a short story (<1,000 words) or a poem (<21 lines) that deals with Enlightenment

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April 2019 - Winter is Coming!

Part One: Review two entries in Kittiara's Writing Contest

Part Two: Review one entry in the Intentionally Bad Story Contest

Part Three: Send review credits to in-depth reviewers

Part Four: Enter a contest of your choice

Part Five: Describe a new challenge for Kit's Quick, Simple, Silly Activities

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