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Your family just got a new slave. Can Mike watch as she is tortured by his Mom.
          This world was cruel, hard, and unfair. Mike was a 18 year old shrink. The world was changed with two types of people; shrinks and humans. Shrink were not treated the same as humans. Some people tried to fight for the rights of shrinks. Most of them were killed. Shrinks and people were of all genders but more men than women were shrinks.
          Mike was a kid who lived at home with his parents who were humans. They didn’t hurt Mike, but the messed up part was that his parents contributed to the humans who treated most shrinks worse than anything. For instance, one night his Mom and Dad were watching a movie. Rather than popcorn they were eating shrinks. Another time he watched his Dad fuck a whole shrunken family up his Mom’s ass. His parents didn’t know that he watched them do what they would do to shrinks, but he was grateful he wasn’t one of their pleasures.
          The world was a different place now. If you were a shrink you’re future usually involved the inside of someone’s body or served as a personal slave. Unless you were important before people shrunk, you were nothing but a victim.
          One Friday night, Mike heard his dad tell his mom that he got her a present. Mike’s Mom squealed with joy. She was given a slave. Since Mike stayed in a doll house (so he wouldn’t take up much room), the slave was told to stay in the house with him. To Mikes surprise it was a girl. She was a cute girl, about his age, maybe a little older. Mike got to know her a bit. Her name was Mary. She was scared out of her mind. She had been stolen out of her own house and sold at a market place downtown. That’s where Mikes dad bought her. Mary was nice, but Mikes Mom told him when he was a bit younger to not get attached to any shrinks because they probably wouldn’t last. Mike hopes Mary would last because he actually liked having her as company.
          “So Mary, did my Mom say what you’d be doing for her?l Mike asked.
          Mary replied, “No, I just hope it isn’t anything to bad. I heard stories while in the store of slaves being told to clean their teeth only to be eaten. I really don’t want to be eaten Mike.”
          Knowing not to promise her anything, Mike just told Mary that his Mom wasn’t into trickery and was more about just doing what your told. Mary thanked Mike for the support.
          “Mary, come out of the house please, it’s time for your first day,” Mikes Mom said. With that Mike watched as his Mom took Mary away. Since it was Saturday, Mike didn’t do much all day. Matter of fact he never left his little house. He heard the door of the room open. In came Mike’s Mom. “I’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” she said.
          Mary came into the house. Mike asked, “How was your first day Mary?” Mary burst into tears.
          “It was awful,” she replied.
          “Why is that?”
          “ Your Mom made me her ass slave. When she works out I have to be her butt plug and go in head first. Then when she is doing chores I have to play with her asshole to pleasure her. And the worst part,” she said while crying, “ is when she shits she wipes and I have to clean what she misses. She misses a lot on purpose.”
          Mike couldn’t imagine being in her shoes. Mikes Mom had a nice butt, but he couldn’t imagine having to do everything Mary had to do.
          “She said if I fail to do my job she’s going to eat me whole. I know she isn’t lying, I just was picking bones off of her asshole from the last people she ate,” Mary said, “I don’t want the same fate as them. I’ve been up her ass and it’s not a pretty sight.
          Not knowing how to answer Mike gave her a hug and comforted her. Though she smelt like shit, Mike knew the only thing he could do is comfort her. Mike brought her to the bath and gave her some privacy.
          It was the next day and Mary was already nervous. Mikes Mom came in. “Mary, we are going to church. Are you ready to go?”
          “Yea, I’m ready,” she said tearing up already. You watched as your Mom tosses her in the back of her underwear as she was walking out the door. Poor Mary. Mike had to do something.
          Later that day Mary was brought back to the doll house. She smelt of shit again and had tears running down her face. Mike could only imagine what happened.
          At the dinner table it was Mike and his parents. They asked how Mikes day had went and he said alright. Then his parents got to talking.
          Mikes Dad asked, “So how are you liking your slave, Mary is her name, right?”
          “Oh dear you have no idea how nice it is to have her,” replied his mom, “she does a good job cleaning up you know where.” She winked at your dad. You decided to jump in the conversation.
          “Mom why do you put her... there,” Mike said will gesturing towards her butt.
          “Sweetie, it’s something you wouldn’t understand. Keeping that area clean is very important.”
          “What about when she isn’t cleaning?”
          “Well I need somewhere to keep her,” Mikes Mom said while laughing nervously.
          “Why not your purse or Pocket?”
          “Because it FEELS GOOD,” Mikes Mom snapped, “ I can shove who ever I want up my ass whenever I please. That little bitch will forever be my butt toy so how about you be quiet and eat your dinner.” Mikes Mom never snaps, he knew he must’ve crossed a line. He continued to eat his dinner.
          Later that night Mike woke up to the sound of yelling. It was his parents. They were arguing about something. At his size it was impossible not to hear them.
          “What were you thinking?” His dad said.
          “I don’t know. I just lost control,” his mom replied.
          “We need to end conversations about shrinks with Mike before they get to that point.”
          Mikes Mom replied, “I know, I wanted to eat him when he started questioning me. If you wouldn’t have been there I might have.” Mike couldn’t believe it, his Mom contemplated eating him.
          Mary spoke which startled Mike, “Please don’t stick up for me. I don’t want to have to pick your bones off of your Moms ass.”
          Mike was still in shock. He asked Mary if she’d come talk with him. “Mary I can’t stand watching you be a toy to my Mom.”
          “It just what my life is now. I wish it would change as well, but I guess that’s all I am now.”
          Mike was angry at his Mom. First she was torturing Mikes first friend in a long time. Now she thought about eating Mike for sticking up for Mary. He needed to talk to his Mom again.
          The next day Mike and his parents were eating breakfast. His Dad finished his quick and left for work. Now was Mikes chance to talk to his Mom.
          “Yes sweetie?” She replied.
          “I heard you and Dad arguing last night. Did you really want to eat me?”
          She said in an embarrassed tone, “I’m sorry sweetie. I got mad and the thought crossed my mind. I didn’t want to, it just was a thought.”
          Mike replied, “I just don’t want to upset you and have you do something you regret. Plus I really don’t want to go through the journey others have been unfortunate enough to have taken.”
          Mike’s Mom smiled and said jokingly, “You mean to tell me you don’t want a 1 way trip in your Mom and our her poop chute?”
          Not knowing how to respond to his Moms weird sense of humor, he just chuckled and said, “Not particularly.”
          “Well you don’t need to worry. It was a one time thing, I won’t lose my temper again,” Mike’s Mom replied.
          “Also, can you please be easier on Mary? She is a really nice girl.”
          “Once again, I’m sorry, but your father paid good money for her and I’m not going to let that go to waste.”
          Mike’s Mom brought him back to the play house, she left with Mary in her hands. It was later that evening when Mary was brought back. She came back how she normally is, crying and smelt really bad. Mike couldn’t chat with her because his Mom took him down for dinner. His parents and him sat down for a hopefully nicer dinner than the night before.
          “So how was your day dear?” Said Mike’s Mom to Mike’s Dad.
          “It was alright. Work was fine, but slow. How was yours?” He replied.
          “It was good. Me and Mike had a productive talk this morning.”
          “Oh what about?”
          “Well he heard us last night talking and was scared, but we talked through it and we are good.”
          “Well that’s good,” he replied.
          Dinner stayed like this. It was awkward, long, and really not much was said. As Mike’s parents were cleaning up dinner, Mike watched his Dad reach into his pocket. He whispered to his Mom. Then hewatched as his Dad lifted a shrunken man up. His Mom stuck out her tougue and slowly Mike watched as the man slipped into his Mom’s mouth. And like that, the man was sent down. Mike couldn’t imagine what the man was going through at that exact moment. All he knew was he was going to have a shitty experience.
          As it got later, Mike went to the play house. Mary was sleeping, so Mike stayed quiet as he went to his bed. That’s when he heard the door open. Mike looked out his little window only to see his Mom walk in. She started saying Mary’s name. Mary finally woke up and Mike watched as his mom took Mary away. Very confused it wasn’t much longer until Mike knew what was going on. Mike could hear his parents having sex upstairs. Mary was getting an upclose and personal view of the actions.
          After about an hour, Mike’s Mom brought Mary back down. Mike got up to go check on Mary. Mary walked in, and layed on her bed. “Mary, are you alright?”
          Mary responded slowly, “I can’t. Do. This.”
          “Can’t do what Mary? Speak to me.”
          She broke down bawling, “I can’t be a slave. You don’t know what it’s like.”
          “What happened?” Mike asked.
          Still crying Mary replied, “ I was shoved up your Dad’s ass. I got inside and there was a turd there. Bones were everywhere. I was pushed in and out. Finally, once that stopped I was shoved into your Moms ass. I could hear screaming from inside her body. People were dying and I was just some sex toy to them.”
          Mike couldn’t believe it, his parents were treating Mary awful. Mike decided he would go talk to them. Mike got up and started walking towards the door.
          “What are you doing Mike?”
          “I’m going to talk to them.”
          “Please don’t Mike, I don’t want you to get in trouble,” Mary replied.
          It was too late though, Mike made up his mind, it took about 5 minutes for Mike to get across the house and upstairs to his parents room, but he made it. He climbed up his Dad’s nightstand and reached their level. They were watching a movie, so Mike yelled, “DAD!”
          Mike’s Dad looked over and saw Mike. He muted the TV and got his Mom’s attention and said, “Mike, what are you doing out of bed this late.”
          “I know what you guys did with Mary. That is just wrong of you to do to her.”
          Mike’s Dad sighed, “Not this again, look Mike, this is a different world. We have been nice enough to care for you unlike most parents. But, with that being said we still have our lives and ours like many others involves using shrunk people for our amusement.”
          Mike couldn’t believe it. His parents were monsters. Mike shouted out, “just don’t shove her up your asses. That’s just wrong.”
          Mike’s Mom got up and went downstairs. Probably to get a glass of water. Mike’s Dad started to talk, “Mike, I know you really like Mary. But, your Mom won’t be able to not have something to play with her ass. That’s her thing.”
          “Why didn’t you get someone different? Someone who was mean and gross much like the action of being someone’s anal toy.”
          Just then, Mike’s Mom walked in the door. With Mary in her hand, “ Well Mike, I’m giving you a choice. Either you become Mommy’s anal toy and I swallow Mary whole, or she will continue to be Mommy’s little helper. You decide.” Mary was inches above his Mom’s open mouth. Mary was screaming in fear. Mike knew Mary’s biggest fear was being eaten. He didn’t want to be the reason she was eaten either. Also, being his Mom’s anal toy wasn’t on his list of things.
          “Okay Mom, nevermind. Just don’t eat her, please.”
          His Mom started laughing, “Oh my god look at the look on her face. What’s the matter girl, you don’t want to go through this,” as she was pointing at her belly, “honestly maybe I should just eat you anyways.”
          Mike’s Dad decided to leave the room. He wanted no part in his Wife’s actions. Then Mike’s Mom stopped and looked at Mike.           She started laughing hysterically and pulled her pants off. “Mike, since you like Mary so much we are going to play a game. You are going to crawl up Mommy’s butt, and if you don’t, I’m going to swallow your princess Mary whole.”
          “Mom, stop, you are losing yourself. You don’t want this.”
          “Oh I do. For years the only thing that’s kept you around is your father. I’ll keep you around, but the only reason mary has her job is because you weren’t already my ass slave. But, I guess if you won’t go up my ass then Mary will have to find her way to it,” Mike’s Mom said as lowering Mary to her mouth. Mary was screaming.
          “Fine, just don’t eat Mary. Please.”
          Mikes Mom spread her legs showing off her brownish hole. Mike had never seen this area of his Mom and he was terrified that it was now. “Well, get in Mike. Mommy’s waiting. And can you get in feet first.” Mike couldn’t believe this was happening. He never thought the day would come when one of his parents would treat him not as their son.
          Mike got an inch from her asshole. It smelt like shit and was puckering. “Mike it’s winking at you,” said his mom.
          Mike looked at his mom, who gestures with her eyes to get in. “Mary, I’m doing this for you,” Mike shouted. Mary was crying. Mike laid down started to push his legs into his Mom’s anus. The. His Mom took over by flexing up her anus which stated to slowly suck Mike in. Once up to his neck up her ass. That’s when Mike’s Mom started laughing, “Well Mary, your services are no longer needed.” With that, she dropped Mary into the back of her throat, then... gulp.
          “Nooooo. You liar. You said you wouldn’t eat her.”
          “Well I changed my mind.” Mikes Mom pushed Mike out of her asshole and lifted him up to her belly. She put a cup over him. All he could hear was Mary screaming. She was being digested to death.
          Mike’s Mom lifted the cup and spoke, “Could you imagine being her though. Landing in the remains of others and my dinner, only to churned up and digested and then to be sucked into my intestines only for my body to absorb her nutrients and turn her into shit. Wow that would suck.”
          Mike felt awful. If he would’ve kept his mouth shut then one he wouldn’t have needed to be hot to his shoulders into his Moms ass, and Mary wouldn’t be experiencing her biggest fear.
          “Well Mike, since I don’t have Mary anymore, it looks like you’ve got some new chores to take care of tomorrow. I’m sure Mary will have a shitty morning, but I tell you what, you’ll get to see parts of her tomorrow morning when you clean her off my pooper. But, since I’m too lazy to bring you back to your bed, I’ll let you get used to it up there, and you can sleep in my ass,” Mike’s Mom said.
Before Mike could resist or argue it, Mike’s Mom shoved him in head first. Mike forever became his Mom’s ass slave, all because of the new girl.

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