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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #2177406
We all did experience horrifying stuff, but Gavin saw something cursed.
''That night, I wish I never saw it.'' Says Gavin.
''Finally, school is over! I can finally go home and enjoy play videogames!'' Gavin said with pure joy. But as soon as he got home.. ''And for the last time no!'' Said Gavin's Mother, ''But mom... Please!'' Said Gavin poorly. ''No! Walk the dog and then you can play your stupid games.'' Said the mother. "Finee..'' Said Gavin. And soon he went out with the dog to take a quick walk. ''Do you ever wonder? How much weird stuff is there in this world?'' Said Gavin, ''Bark!'' ''If you understood me would you say that?'' Asked Gavin. ''Bark!'' ''Nevermind..'' Said Gavin. But soon he saw something.. An Man? ''What?'' Gavin got confused.. But it's just a person, who cared? ''Hello.'' Said the man, just a couple of feet away. ''Uh.. Hello?'' But Gavin then realized he didn't have any limbs.. He stepped back slowly. ''Everything okay?'' Said the strange man. ''Yeah..'' Said Gavin. ''Im just gonna go home right now..'' And he ran away quickly with the dog. But he then saw a man in the distance again.. ''Wait is that the same person?'' He said while worrying. But then the man snapped his neck and started jumping fast towards Gavin. ''Get away!'' Gavin said while running away. His heart pumping, he manages to escape.. But only to have nightmares about him all the time.
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