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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2179598
Jackson an average fox and his girlfriend with physic powers and one crazy start to a year
Jackson had just woken up new years day but he wasn't able to move and it was hot and crowded wherever he was. As Jackson gained full consciousness he began to panic. He was stuck in a confined space and it was dark. He began to shout for help and praying that someone would hear him. Nobody came and he was scared but how did this mischievous fox get stuck in a box. Well we have to go back twenty-four hours on new years eve.

It was the dawn of a new day but not just any new day the last day of the year. Jackson was excited for the huge party him and Ashley are throwing tonight. He had all sorts of crazy ideas but ashley had the connections to make them happen, nothing could ever ruin tonight, Jackson thought to himself. Well Jackson there are many different things that could go wrong, said Ashley. (Oh yeah did i forget to mention Ashley has the ability to read minds. No, hehe.....well she does and its awesome.) Jackson smirked and said gently, now Ashley what have i told you about reading my mind. Ashley giggled slightly, sorry not sorry. As they spent the day preparing all the snacks and drinks for what they assumed to be the "best party ever" they were both unaware of the danger that was joining them.

After setting up everything the sun was also setting and they began to call their friends. The sun may have just set Ashley but the party has just started, Jackson smirked with glee and excitement. Yeah but we can't trash the place remember what your parents said. Yeah yeah i know Ashley this is an expensive penthouse and ill pay for any damage done i got it. Im just warning you Jackson jeez. So after they finished calling the last of their friends, many began to arrive right on schedule ehhh Ashley. Ashley grinned, ok so maybe your timing is perfect. After most of the guest arrived the clock drew near to midnight. Only one hour left Jackson and how are we doing on the wine. The wine is fine Ash stop worrying so much, and have all the guest been accounted for my parents would kill me if...yes Jackson each of them were thinking the code we sent to them. (Oh btw what they mean by code is the guest are given a code to think of and Ashley reads their mind to find out if they were really invited.) Well someones a bit agitated, does you head hurt Ashley. Well duh you think reading minds is a easy thing to do, Ashley said with an upset look. We are only missing a couple guest don't worry about it anymore Ash why don't you go rest your head. Ok thanks Jackson just get me before midnight.

As time went on the penthouse got a bit more complicated the rest of the guest have arrived including one unexpected guest. Hey Ash come over here its almost time. Jackson called out for Ashley but couldn't find her. He began to rush around in hopes of finding her before midnight.

After looking and looking he finally found her but she wasn't alone, her father had invited himself over. Umm sir what brings you to my parents penthouse, Jackson began to sound nervous. Ashley's father jumped up and walked over to Jackson. Now son i thought you told me there wouldn't be alcohol. Dad stop Ashley shouted with a long slur. Jackson thought to himself, im so dead dammit Ashley. Before Jackson could say anything Ashley's father grabbed her wrist and started for the door. Sir please listen to me. Ashley's father turned towards Jackson and punched him in the face. Jackson already wasted as well stumbles back up and charges at her dad. People began to gather around to watch these two tussle. Jackson already bleeding punches her dad and he barely flinches. Now even more mad Ashley's dad charged jackson and grabs him running towards the balcony. Ashley persistently shouts for her dad to stop but its already to late. Her dad not realising how close to the edge they were punched Jackson and he stumbles back and falls off the balcony as Jackson nears the end of his life the clock strikes twelve and he hits the ground.

Jackson had woken up new years day but he wasn't able to move and it was hot and crowded wherever he was. As Jackson gained full consciousness he began to panic. He was stuck in a confined space and it was dark. He began to shout for help and praying that someone would hear him, but nobody did. After ten minutes of Jackson having no idea how he got here or last night at all he began to push on things and noticed the inside was metal box. After trying and trying to push his way out of whatever he was stuck in he felt something move. It was the platform under him he was on a metal platform and as he was still trying to escape he heard a sound. It was people, in a frantic rush to escape he began to bang on the metal and get their attention. Somebody had to have heard that. Right as he said that some said something. H..hello is anyone in there. Yes shouted Jackson and the man said hold on let me get the keys. After a few moments a hatch opened and someone pulled the metal platform. H..hi, Jackson said hesitantly as he greeted his unknown saviour. As his eyes adjusted to the light he began to feel more and more confused. Meanwhile the man stood there in shock and just stared. Um you look very familiar do i know you said Jackson with a feeling of deja vu. U...uh yeah im the umm coroner.
To Be Continued
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