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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2181901
In the storm, Neon and her guard Mantis struggle to survive. What will happen next?
Part One

Rain pounded on Neon’s wings. It threatened to push her down into the waves, into death by drowning. Looking down, she noticed the high and choppy waves. Onward, she beat all four of her wings, struggling against the weather and trying to escape it. Her guard, Mantis, did not seem to be struggling. However, Neon looked back and might have seen his face have a fearful expression. She sighed, continuing on. How could this have happened? She thought. She knew how though. Suddenly, a branch flew through the howling air and whacked her in the face, right on her scar. She held a talon up to it, and something warm and wet that wasn’t the rain was leaking from it. But what could she do but press on?

Suddenly, Neon was tackled out of the sky and was seemingly hurled towards the grasping waves. Luckily, instead of waves, she was headed towards land. Unfortunately, she tried to stop but couldn’t, which resulted in her crashing with a bone-jarring thud onto the ground. Neon looked up at her tackler, which was Mantis. He glared at her then looked away, mumbling something about couldn’t hear me and none of your bones better be broken.

Neon sighed, and proceeded to stand up and shake off Mantis and all the water. Then she checked her legs, wings, and anything else that could be broken. She didn’t find anything, although her wing felt sprained and she didn’t know when she would be able to fly again. She hoped it healed soon because she wanted to get out of this storm.
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