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Stepping back in time with memories of yesterday.
The Old Movie Theater

She stands across from the old movie theater,
remembering back
The lights flicker on
Days of her youth come to mind,
one ticket please, she says.

That'll be 50 cents, Ma'am
She slides her coin to the ticket attendant.
The young girl hands the
half ticket stub to her.

Entering through the door,
the smell of fresh popcorn, popping.
She stops to get a box
along with a soda pop
That'll be 50 cents, Ma'am.

The doorman opens the theater door
smiling at her, tips his hat
Thanking him,
she steps back in time.

Velvet cushion seats await her
she moves down one of the two isles,
picking a seat in the center
She looks up at the stage
at the velvet curtains hanging there.

The room fades to black,
the curtains are drawn back
Showing a cartoon first
Hey, look its Popeye the Sailor man!

The crowd laughs as he flexes his muscles
after eating his spinach, to save Ms. Olive Oyl
The matinee begins starring
John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara
in McLintock, what a team they make.

As the curtain comes back across the stage
the applause becomes silent
everyone exits, the lights go out
What a wonderful time at the Old Movie Theater!

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