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Flash fiction under 300 words. A garden show. Prompt. "You aren't going to believe this"
— I love these layers of magenta, coral, scarlet, pale polka-dotted pink... Is it enough for the top? Or too much. I gathered a dozen shades of emerald to accent my finer attributes. What do you think?

— You're ready for the show!

Everyone arrived dressed in their best finery. After-all, it was Spring!

— Hi, my name's Geranium.

— I'm Gingko. Like my fans? I'll grow tall and provide shade some day. They haven't sexed me yet. But I hope I'm female. My seeds would be edible and I do want to be useful.

— No one ever eats me!

— Too bad. You're pretty. Are you a she or a he?

— Both. I'm hermaphroditic and proud of it. Do you like my petals? I wanted some white ones but they were out of stock.

— How can you be both?

— Seems normal to me. Do you think I chose the right color green?

— They say no one notices my green flowers. But they can smell my seeds a mile away.

— Stinky are they? My flowers aren't known for fragrance either but I have peppermint-chocolate leaves!

— Yeah, but they gather my seeds and cook them anyway. They like to pick my leaves too. But I'm too small. I don't have enough.

— But your fans are elegant.

Geranium smiled pleasantly as she turned to greet the other guests. She wanted ALL the attention. Ginkgo had no one to talk to until he saw one small shy vine hiding behind a bench.

— You aren't going to believe this...

— Oh, you met Geranium. What a fussy hoot.

— But...

— Geraniums always think they are the belle of the ball.

— And you are?

— I'm Poison Ivy. No one ever admires me.
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