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My beautiful mom
We lost our beloved mom last week. A beautiful, wonderful woman whose smile lit up the room. One whose eyes full of pride and love when you look at your kids and grandchildren. Who was always happier even giddy around dad.

When you met dad, you were 8, him 12. He recalls patting your head whenever he would past you in the neighborhood. He stated, he knew from the first day that you were the one for him. His partner, his life, his wife. The Love Of His Life.
Me, I recall a beautiful young woman who's love for your family surpassed anything else.
Always working and sacrificing to better our lives. You sacrificed so much for your family.

We were inseparatable until I began school of course. Lol. You took me with you everywhere. When I went to school, you made sure grandma, yourself or my yaya would take me to school. Your reaction the day I took a jeepney home from school in Metro Manila. alone, you were horrified. You didn't know whether to be upset or proud, you opted for the the first. Grandma on the other hand, I'll leave it to the readers imagination. Lol.

You asked me why I did that, I answered,, "because they were late to pick me up and I got tired of waiting.
So I walked to the jeepney going home. I stayed on until I saw our house then I got off. I was maybe 7 or 8 in the middle of metro manila 25-30 minutes from home. You laughed, but grandma was not amused.

Our family outings to Bagiouo was epic with grandma, grandpa sometimes Uncle Jun and his family and us. Someone would rent a jeepney and we would travel for hours up to the mountains. Bagiouo hot springs waters was a large swimming area with a small area on the side with natural hot water. It was spectacular.

You were small in stature but full of fire. With those beautiful hands you made the most beautiful dresses for my sisters and I. What a talent! It wasn't until my wedding that we saw your true genius. My beautiful wedding dress, was exquisite, when people complemented you. You simply turned to me and smiled. I am in awe of you.

My siblings and I remember our shopping excursions to the flea market with our usual stop at the Filipino food truck. Our Black Friday shopping sprees at 4 A. M. It drove the boys crazy, us girls loved it. To this day Anna remembers Nana's words, "let's go gala".

We would go to great adventure, actionpark and countless of family gatherings. I recall one day, the older kids talked me into riding the slalom at action park and once I got to the top. I said to myself hell no. Everyone left and I walked down the side of the mountain and found you waiting for me worried. You and dad were so mad when you saw me.

You asked, where did you go Kleng, I said mommy it was too scary. One it was so high, two it was so fast, three the controls were too hard to remember. So I decided to walk down the mountain path, smiling.
You weren't happy, "why didn't you tell your brother to walk down with you? I answered because everyone else were already gone." You looked ready to kill me.

I remember you would call me event I moved to Tampa from New York and say, "Lil, I got lost in the subway again, how do I get to work or home. I hate the subway, dumb train." You got lost countless of time.

This last few years took it's toll on you. Losing your independence, your magical hands, your voice and more, but never your beauty and determination. However, despite it all you kept going. Your courage and bravery shining through knowing no bounds.

I only wish I could be half the woman you are. I will miss you, we all will, especially dad. You are my rock, my hero, I am lost without you. We lost more than our mother, we lost our friend. We are all better people to have had you in our lives. We look for the day that we are walking hand, shopping again. GOD got a beautiful angel and will take care of you now.
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