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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2197393
Boba Fett and his team Hunt for Delta Squad in the Underworld of Level 1313....

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, or any of its properties ([Legends and Canon material alike] the Characters, the Planets, events, ships, Gear, etc. Mentioned in this story). All those belong to George Lucas, Lucasfilm, and Disney. I do however own "Shadow Squad's" Commander Shadow, Spooks, Umbra, Captain Gloom, and Shade, and The Rookie. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Note: This story is not technically canon and is a work of FAN-FICTION, and was inspired by my love for the Republic Commandos. After seeing Delta Squad's brief appearance on the Clone Wars TV show, I wondered what a marriage of Canon and Legends material would look like if the members of Delta Squad showed up once again in the Canon universe. Thank you and enjoy.

After a while, Delta Squad decided it was time to return to their shuttle and walked back towards the landing pad where the Attack shuttle was parked.

When the Squad was five blocks from the landing pad, Boss noticed a Trandoshan bounty hunter following a few feet behind them. As he looked around, he noticed a Kyuzo bounty hunter wearing a large metallic hat accompanied by his pet anooba approaching from their right side and a C21-Highslinger droid approaching on their left.

"Turn here." Boss said over the squad's private comm channel. "We're being followed."

From his position on the rooftop of a small nearby building, Boba Fett watched the clones through the scope of his new EE-3 carbine rifle.

"Just a little closer..." He whispered to himself as the four clone commandos got closer in range of his blaster.

Suddenly, the clones turned into an alleyway.

"They've spotted us!" Boba growled angerly. "After them!"

The bounty hunters on the ground followed Delta Squad into one of the other marketplace districts. As the bounty hunters closed in from behind, Latts Razzi stood in front of the clones, blocking their path.

"Leaving so soon?" She asked, mockingly.

She was joined by Boba Fett a moment later, landing beside her with the help of his jetpack.

The bounty hunters drew their weapons and pointed them at Delta Squad.

"Don't move, Clones." Ordered Boba with a hint of disgust in his voice.

The clones soon realized they were surrounded by the bounty hunters. They quickly stood back-to-back, covering each other from all sides.

"How are we doing this, Sir?" Asked Fixer over the private comm channel in his helmet.

Boss looked around and noticed a large group of unarmed civilians around their location.

"I want minimum civilian casualties. Understood?" Ordered Boss. The other clones nodded.

Boss fired at the Mandalorian bounty hunter in front of him. The bounty hunter dodged quickly and was back on his feet in no time.

The Blaster-fire caused a panic to break out among the civilians, who; as soon as the fighting started; scrambled to find cover.

The clones open fired on the rest of the bounty hunters.

Bossk and Embo quickly jumped behind a market stall and used it for cover as they returned fire.

Highsinger began laying down heavy fire with his E-5C heavy blaster rifle.

Scorch quickly flipped a nearby Black-Market dura-steel table onto its side; knocking a wide variety of heavy blasters and ammunition crates (one of which, contained four DC-17M ammo packs and a small bacta-patch) atop it onto the floor; as the clones used it for cover, while the team's demolition expert quickly filled his pack with the ammo packs and the sealed bacta-parch that had spilled onto the floor.

"Take out that droid, Delta-Seven!" Ordered Boss.

Sev noticed a small speeder carrying several large old cruiser engines on the trailer behind it flying over the market. Wasting no time, the Commando fired at the trailer hitch, detaching the trailer and its heavy cargo from the speeder.

The trailer and its cargo came crashing down towards the market below; landing hard on one of the droid's leg as it attempted to get away; the heavy trailer pinning the droid's leg to the ground and knocked the droid's heavy blaster rifle beyond the droid's reach.

"One down!" Announced Sev to the rest of Delta Squad.

"Good work, Delta-Seven!" Shouted Boss. "Keep up the assault!"

Embo tossed his wide-brimmed metallic hat at Boss; knocking the clone's rifle out of his hands. Seizing this opportunity with a swift, fluid motion, Latts Razzi had the unarmed leader of Delta Squad wrapped in her grappling boa.

Before the bounty hunter could react, the Clone Commando activated the retractable vibodagger in the knuckle plate of his armor which make just enough space for him to slide one arm free from the grip of the bounty hunter's whip-like weapon, before it had wrapped around his arm completely. Using his free hand, Boss grabbed the taut end of Latts Razzi's weapon and pulled with all his might.

The slim bounty hunter, unable to compete with the strength of the clone, was suddenly pulled off her feet; accidently letting go of the boa as she fell forward and landed on her face.

Using this small window to his advantage, Boss quickly unwrapped himself, and dove towards his blaster, retrieving it in mid-roll as he seamlessly recovered on his feet.

"Time to move." Boss said.

The Commandos followed their squad leader through a long, tight alleyway as they made their escape.

After noticing the fleeing targets, Boba activated his jetpack and attempted to follow the clones until a blast from Delta Squad's sniper clipped one of the thrusters of the Mandalorian's jetpack; the jetpack, unable to support the young bounty hunter's weight with only one thruster, suddenly shorted out, causing the bounty hunter to plummet to the ground. Boba was back on his feet in seconds, and continued his pursuit on foot.

In an attempt to free itself, Highsinger used his built-in wrist-blaster to shoot its pinned leg of its body as it crawled away from the fallen trailer. Getting to its...foot, the droid found that it was impossible to continue its pursuit on one leg.

The Kyuzo bounty hunter barked an order in his native language to his pet anooba, Marrok, while he fired at the escaping clones with his bowcaster. Upon hearing the order, the anooba darted after the fleeing targets.

The clones rounded another corner and made a mad-dash for their shuttle on the landing pad mere meters away.

Just as the bounty hunters rounded the corner to continue their chase, they were met by a squad of Coruscant Underworld Police that had arrived on the scene to investigate the public disturbance.

"Halt!" Ordered the Captain of the Underground Police.

Ignoring the order, Bossk pointed his Relby-V10 mortar gun at the squad of Underworld Police and fired a warning shot at their feet.

The officers responded by firing at the approaching bounty hunters.

"Calling all units. Suspects are armed and dangerous. Requesting backup at our position."

"YOU IDIOT!" Boba yelled to Bossk, firing at the Underworld Police as the bounty hunters doubled back to find cover from the oncoming blaster-fire. "YOU JUST HAD TO SHOOT AT THE UNDERWORLD POLICE!"

Boba looked up just in time to see Delta Squad's Null-class Attack Shuttle take off and disappear as it headed back to the upper levels of Coruscant.


A police cruiser flew overhead, closing in on the bounty hunters' location.

"I've had enough of these guys." Growled Bossk, aiming his mortar gun at the oncoming police cruiser and firing at it.

"Taking heavy fire!"

The blast hit the police cruiser's rear engine, causing the speeder to lose altitude.

"Mayday! Mayday! We've been hit! Losing altitude! We're going dow--"

The police cruiser crashed into the entry to the narrow alleyway, then exploded.


The debris from the speeder plugged the alleyway and prevented the remaining Underworld Police reinforcements from following the bounty hunters.

Boba turned to Bossk and without warning, punched the Trandoshan hard in the snout.

"What was that?!" Shouted Boba. "That wasn't part of the plan! Now we have to deal with those guys too!"

Boba punched the Trandoshan again.

"'Try that again and I'll--" growled Bossk angerly, making a move to grab the young bounty hunter with his three-fingered, clawed hands, until he felt the barrel of Boba's EE-3 carbine rifle press against his throat.

"You'll what? Kill me? I don't think that's going to work out for you."

Bossk realized that the other bounty hunters were now pointing their weapons at him too; even Highsinger who was leaning against Embo for support; was pointing its arm blaster at him.

Understating he was completely outgunned, the Trandoshan reluctantly let go of Boba and stepped away. The other bounty hunters lowered their weapons.

"That's what I thought." Said Boba. Then turned to the other bounty hunters. "Back to the ship. I've got a call to make."

Embo whistled, recalling Marrok to him, as the bounty hunters hurried back to Slave I.

Later on, Boba contacted the newly appointed Emperor on Slave I's private frequency. The hooded image of the Emperor appeared before the young bounty hunter.

"You're Majesty." He said nodding his head to the Emperor.

"You may dispense with the pleasantries," Said the raspy voice of the Emperor. "Did you locate the clone traitors?"

"We did." Boba said hesitantly. "We traced the ship to a landing pad on the lower levels. The Jedi had already fled before my team located the targets. My team had the clones right where we wanted them, but we lost the element of surprise and the targets got away."

"How unfortunate..." Said the Emperor dryly. "It appears this business transaction has proved unfruitful."

"We were able to put a tracker on the ship, before we engaged the targets." Continued Fett. "My team will be able to track Delta Squad's location anywhere in the galaxy. We won't fail you again."

"I have underestimated you..." The Emperor smiled wickedly. "However, your services are no longer required."

"What?" Said Boba, confused. "My team is tracking Delta Squad as we speak. We can finish the job."

"That will not be necessary. You will be paid for your trouble. You will provide me with the current location of Delta Squad...And you will not interfere with this search any longer."

"As you wish." Boba said, transmitting the coordinates to the Emperor.

To be Continued

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