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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Sci-fi · #2197394
Delta Squad flee to the abandon Citadel Prison. Palpatine sends Shadow Squad after them.

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, or any of its properties ([Legends and Canon material alike] the Characters, the Planets, events, ships, Gear, etc. Mentioned in this story). All those belong to George Lucas, Lucasfilm, and Disney. I do however own "Shadow Squad's" Commander Shadow, Spooks, Umbra, Captain Gloom, and Shade, and The Rookie. This story is for entertainment purposes only.

Note: This story is not technically canon and is a work of FAN-FICTION, and was inspired by my love for the Republic Commandos. After seeing Delta Squad's brief appearance on the Clone Wars TV show, I wondered what a marriage of Canon and Legends material would look like if the members of Delta Squad showed up once again in the Canon universe. Thank you and enjoy.

Delta Squad's Attack shuttle touched down on the landing field behind the tower of the Citadel on the planet Lola Sayu. Created 500 years before the Clone Wars, the Citadel was a heavily fortified prison made by the Republic to hold rogue Jedi and was considered inescapable by its creators. The large prison consisted of winding corridors that spanned through a multitude of different sectors and levels connected to the tower and all its detention areas, all of which were rigged with deadly security defenses put in place to prevent escape.

The exterior of the Citadel was just as dangerous. In addition to the searchlights at the top of the tower, the heavy defense turrets by the landing area, three patrol shelves near the center of the tower that were ray shielded, and the large lakes of lava that surrounded the prison's strategic location; the exterior walls of the tower were rigged with large electromines that discouraged the use of grappling cables or jetpacks should anyone attempt to climb the tower.

Although the Citadel had fallen under Separatist control middle of the Clone Wars, they were forced to abandon it in the later months of the war, due to the fact that its dwindling droid reinforcements were being diverted to several important battles in the Outer Rim sieges. This made it the ideal location for Delta Squad to use as a temporary outpost for the time being.

After exiting down their shuttle's loading ramp, the Squad approached the tightly sealed blast-door by the landing area of the fortress. Fixer removed the door's access panel, connected his data pad to the panel's wiring, and began splicing into the prison's network. In a matter of minutes, the door was open.

"We're in." Said Fixer, as he quickly unplugged his data pad.

"What's the plan, Sir?" asked Sev.

"We're going to use this facility as a temporary outpost until we can figure out our next move." Boss said. "Our first objective is to get to the control room on the top level; from there we'll be able to familiarize ourselves with the layout of the prison..." Boss paused and looked around cautiously.

"What is it?"

"I don't know... but I have a feeling were going to have company."

On the other side of the galaxy, a small Theta-class Stealth Attack Shuttle (known as "the Black Dart" by its crew) floated idly in space as its crew awaited their orders.

Two clones wearing black Phase II Clone Shadow Trooper armor sat at the ship's controls in the cockpit of the shuttle. Suddenly, the Comms channel flashed, indicating a high priority incoming transmission. The first clone (known as "Shade") turned to his copilot.

"Incoming transmission."

The Copilot (and tech specialist, known as "Umbra") pressed a button in front of him. "Patching it through to the Commander." He said, as he transmitted the incoming call into the ship's briefing room.

The Clone Commander stood in the briefing room as he leaned over the room's holotable. He wore black Phase 1 ARC Trooper armor; the dark red pauldron and kama that he wore identified him as the crew's commanding officer. The Commander pressed a button on the holotable as the transmission was sent through.

The image of Emperor Palpatine appeared before the Clone Commander on the holotable.

"Commander Shadow..." said the Hologram of Emperor.

"Your, Excellency." Said the Clone Commander, giving a slight bow.

"I have need of your services." Said the Emperor. "It has come to my attention that a small squad of Clone Commandos have refused to carry out my direct orders to kill their traitorous Jedi commander and have aided in the Jedi's escape." -He paused briefly, allowing the information to sink in. - "Such an act of treason must not be allowed to go unpunished."

"What is the name of the unit?" Shadow asked.

"Delta Squad. I'm sure you are familiar with their tactics?"


"Excellent..." A twisted smile creased the Emperor's lips. "I have traced the traitors to the Citadel prison on Lola Sayu. It seems they have taken control of the prison and are using it as a base of operations. You and your squad are to infiltrate the Citadel and eliminate Delta Squad...permanently."


"Do not hesitate! Show no mercy! Do what must be done!" Said the Emperor.

"As you wish."

In the safety of the control room, the members of Delta Squad reviewed their plan to defend the many levels of the citadel from an enemy attack; a detailed layout of the entire facility was projected on the control room's holotable.

"The Emperor will not send a large force to attack this facility. There is no place for a Vector-class Star Destroyers to land its forces safely, without losing the element of surprise." Boss said. "We will have a better chance of covering this outpost if we split up. As you know, several sectors of the outpost were destroyed by General Skywalker and his team during a small rescue mission, so we will not have to worry about any forces entering from those positions. Any enemy forces attempting to infiltrate the Citadel will most likely attempt to enter from the landing area. I don't know that the Emperor will throw at us, so we need to be prepared for anything. Understood?"

The Clones nodded.

"Good." Boss continued. "Delta-Seven, I want you positioned on the west patrol shelf in Sector-9 of the Citadel, overlooking the landing area. From there you will monitor and eliminate any enemy forces trying to enter from the landing area."

"Yes, Sir."

"Delta-Forty," said Boss turning to Fixer. "You wait here in the control room, monitoring the surveillance feeds and security systems. If you pick up anything, let us know. I want you to lock down the lower levels in sectors 12-19. You are in charge of activating the security systems if there is a breach."

"I'm on it." said Fixer, activating the lock-down procedures on levels 12-19.

Boss turned to Scorch.

"Delta-Six-Two, I want you to place trip mine charges in several hallways in Sector-10. Once the mines are set, you will be in charge of patrolling the upper levels." He said pointing to levels 3 and 4. "I will be patrolling the Detention Levels in Sectors 5, 6, and 7. We will fall back to the control room and regroup if things go south. Stock on your ammo, then get into your positions. Move out!"


After a few hours of prep-work and fortifying the various levels with crates and other supplies that could be used as cover, Delta Squad moved into their assigned positions.


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