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A poem depicting the importance of fun in your life.
Nofunlandia sits dark and desolate
No festivities to fill its streets
Old Miser Man has deemed it such
And the citizens don't feel that much.

Yet underground and into the hills
The Partyfolk have hid away
Young Jack Spritz has gathered us
To romp and cheer and sing - such fuss.

The hills they shimmer with gaiety and glee
Old Miser man is bulging with disgust
He sends his forces into battle
To rouse the culprits and settle the rattle.

But the Sprits and Fairies sense his wrath
They flit and scatter their pixie dust
Into an invisible veil they hide
Through laughter they can see his side.

The soldiers, they flash their swords
And call out for them to show themselves
But they just prattle on with fun
All through the day until its done.

Soldiers tire and exhausted, leave
Drab darkness goes with them
But every once in a while
One stays back and begins to smile.

That soldier drops his mighty sword
He sheds his iron and chain mail
He drops to his knees and asks forgiveness
And in that moment the Fairies bear witness.

That man asks to have a life
One without so much dark despair
And when the fallen soldier raises his eyes
He sees a glimmer in the skies

Pixies, Sprits and Fairies dance all around
Their smiles and laughter light him up
He takes this gift of fun and glee
His gratitude is plain to see.

This world, my friend needs both of us
The fun is there to bring the light
The serious side does get things done
Yes, it's true - both can dance if two become one.

Lines = 40.

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