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Do you ever feel God Nearby? You can, every day. Just try
In His Presence

Not for the first time, I felt the presence of God today,
In beautiful music, and so many other ways.
I felt a surge of emotion, thought I’d lost my mind,
Then looked around in awe, wondering what I might find

I saw the world around me as never before,
This place we take for granted, but nevermore.
Everything near, so surreal, so serene,
I could feel the love that covered this scene.

Not for the first time, I felt the touch of God today,
The sky turned blue, where before it had been gray.
It was a soft, gentle touch, raising the hair on my arm,
I wasn’t worried, I knew I was safe from harm.

That touch was like a feather, then again, not,
A soft summer breeze, cooling one a lot.
Maybe like a whisper, we hear when fast asleep,
One we yearn to remember, always to keep.

Not for the first time, I heard God speak today,
Anyone can hear him, just listen if you may
I don’t recall what he said, I remember his tone,
Hearing it, I know we’re not on our own.

For the first time, I saw God today.
In amazement, I found myself kneeling to pray.
Then the air changed, I was once more alone.
But I wasn’t, for he’s always with me, in my home.

Jim Dorrell
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