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here we will look at trumps presidency and how we got to this point
The past four years have been some of the craziest since 1998 with Bill Clinton being impeached. This will be a summary of Donald Trump’s presidency, 2016 election and predictions going into the 2020 election.
First, let’s take a look at how we got here. Donald Trump flirted with running for office in 2012 but ultimately decided against it. In 2016 Donald Trump ran for office during the primaries, he ran against Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich. He won pretty handily with his only real competition being Ted Cruz, who finished with about 25 percent. During the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump named Mike Pence as his running mate. Mike Pence held a seat in the house of representatives for 12 years and was the 50th governor of Indiana. When the general election started Hillary Clinton went to Orbis and that resulted in the Steele dossier, which started Trump-Russia investigation, We’ll get into that later. The DNC servers hacked by Russia or Ukraine showed that during the primaries some people were very biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. The final result of the 2016 election was that Trump won by 74 electoral votes against Clinton. Clinton won the popular vote which has caused a huge controversy around the electoral college, with some people saying that their vote didn’t count and other people pointing out that they were fine with this when they won.
Let’s talk about Donald Trump’s presidency, all of the controversies, the good and bad things he’s done policy-wise. The controversies consist of 3 main ones so far. The first one was what he said about a white supremacist protest in Charlottesville where he said “there were very fine people on both sides” People who defending trump say that the quote was taken out of context saying that right after he said, “and I’m not talking about the white supremacists.” The next controversy was Trump-Russia collusion and obstruction of justice. It all started with the Steele dossier and quickly progressed in the Mueller Report and impeachment talk. The Mueller Report turned out to be a huge nothing bomb pointing out that there is not yet enough evidence to impeach. The final big controversy is still ongoing and it has to do with Ukraine and trump asking Ukraine about joe bidon, his son hunter and Burisma. Not much evidence has shown up to support either side at the moment.
Now there are trumps policies. The good is pretty apparent just by looking at his accomplishments as president. He upped the GDP by about two percent a quarter with some quarters outperforming that by a lot, an example of this would be the first quarter of 2019, where the GDP increased by 3 percent. Trump sent out the mission to kill Abū Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurayshi, who was the leader of isis. Trump moved the Israel embassy to Jerusalem, cementing the fact that he has been one of the best presidents for Israel. He built a wall in south texas to keep the violence of some parts of Mexico from spreading, pulling the violent crime rate in places like El Paso way down. The bad is as always just as apparent, putting tariffs everywhere like China, which sparked a trade war. Being an isolationist on foreign policy, calling the news an “enemy of the people” a phrase coined by Joeseph Stalin.
Looking at 2020, Trump’s chances at winning are entirely dependent on who wins the Democratic primary. If Elizabeth Warren wins the nomination, we’ll probably see a repeat of 2016 since the most recent polling shows that in a matchup against Trump she’ll lose all of the swing states. If Joe Bidon wins the nomination then unless something new comes out of that Bidon-Ukraine stuff, He’ll win the presidency.
This has been Trump’s Presidency so far so come up with an opinion and go to the ballot box in 2020.

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