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Career exploration process

Every career requires determination and working hard for success to be realized. I am a goal-oriented person who believes in hard work for everything I undertake. Honesty is one of my major values in life because I believe in being honest with myself and others. I am always determined to know more regarding anything I am undertaking and this contributes to my extrovert personality. After socialization with my peers, consultation from my elders and taking part in community activities I have come to know that I am hardworking and determined complimented with my good communication skills. Additionally, my extrovert personality and honesty have been proved by my family members, peers, and teachers.

I have been always ambitious to become a lawyer. A good lawyer needs to have good communication skills. Good listening skills and the ability to express oneself with oral and written communication is very significant for success in the law career. Lawyers should also be able to make logic and reasonable conclusions meaning they need to have good judgment skills. Research and analytical skills are equally important for lawyers. This career requires creative individuals, have perseverance and being an abstract practice, people skills are very vital. This means that the career requires extrovert people who can be able to articulate any piece of communication well for success to be realized.

As a lawyer, I need to be guided by achievable career goals. These include increasing my professional training and knowledge through hard work and determination. I will always aim at improving relationships and the work processes as I practice law. This will be facilitated by good socialization with people and making sure that my work experience is rewarding and always positive. Another very important goal will be to have new and positive experiences in my career through interaction with my peers and clients. This will also be facilitated with continuous research in the field of law. I will always aim at attaining a leadership role through the demonstration of good leadership skills in the career and in the community at large for people to believe me.

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