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I entered this for "The Writer's Cramp", but was disqualified, but I'm not giving up.

A cloud of rain followed the crowd, to emerge through the sky,, endowed by the numerous sights of intelligence found on the ground.

Silent was the day when various instruments were played, and people stayed, swaying to the sounds while singing in rounds.

There was a sudden burst from the sky. All of a sudden the speaking cloud said, "I'm tired of being responsible for having a gray day". The speaking cloud wanted to make everyone happy and looking sappy.

Instead of all the frowns, the speaking cloud says that it would like to see ladies wearing gowns after they had shed some pounds and begin to wear their shiny crowns.

Instead of hearing people complain about creaking in their bones, the speaking cloud says, don't go freaking, whatever abounds, what you need is to get you some hounds.

The situation may be splendid; it was very well attended. The choir blended very well when the speaking cloud had a render thought about how it tended to make someone feel cheerful, instead of being tearful.

The spirited animals were running through the field, when the speaking cloud said that they should yield before the people passing by, so that they could enjoy that beautiful sky.

The guardian angels were flying about giving protection to the people as well as the animals, when the speaking cloud mentioned that they should all pray that everyone will have a nice day.

The children were out having a good time putting things together for the homeless, when the speaking cloud said to them, you are good children and should be awarded for your thoughtfulness and good deeds. Your kindness should be an indicator of giving peace and harmony to a world that's full of music and dancing. Just imagine how much fun we'll have if everybody could just get along and not be fighting just to direct people to their own way of thinking.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Friday, December 13, 2019

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