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by Sum1
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Two people talking about a certain month. Written for fun, for the Senior Center Contest
Really, it's utter nonsense, written for the 12/19 "SENIOR CENTER FORUM contest. Meant to be fun, not serious.

‘That’ Month

“Hey it’s De…” “Shhhh! You can’t say that word!”
“Whaddya mean, that’s so absurd.”
“Well, it’s Carol’s contest, we follow her rules.”
“Well, can I at least say it’s the season of yules?”

“Let’s tell everyone how it’s getting so cold,”
“Or maybe mention those wise men, from days of old?”
“What else? Maybe that star that led the way?”
“Shall we change the subject, talk about a sleigh?”

“Hey I know, let’s build a snowman!”
“Oh cool! But we can’t call him Frosty, how ‘bout Jan?”
“Y’know, just had a thought. We could go Caroling.
Get it? Carol’s contest.. nah, this is getting harrowing.”

“Now you’re making no sense, let’s get back on track.
One thing I’m not doing, I will not sit on his lap!”

“Why not? Does he scare you?”
“No, but if you only knew.”

“Why don’t you like him, he gives nothing but gifts!”
“Well, when I sat on his lap, he did nothing but quiff.”
“You mean?” “Yes, I mean, that Jolly man farted, with me on his lap.”
“Now that’s really sick, if it was me, he’d been slapped!”

“I forgave him, for he left me a present that night.”
“Did it make you happy, or give you affright?”
“It was quite the gift, left under that tree.
One that everyone really should see!”

“What was it? Don’t leave me in suspense!”
“Be patient my love, it will soon make sense.”
“My Love? But, but, I, I never knew…”
“Yes My Dear, that gift, was learning, I Love You.”

Jim Dorrell

28 Lines
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