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by Evan
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Justice rules over chaos
( As it is ) For as long since immersing my feeble thought upon the oceans and currents of human experiences as the incoming and out going waves splashing the shores of my consciousness ,my sole intention has been to understand social living . To create propositions of how we should approach modern problematics ,as a social theorist . To denounce ignorance . Its atrocities upon common modern adapted social knowledge from apocryphal definitions of human eventuality . ( As it is ) .Then to recognize the inference of modernity upon our social common of behaviors .This new social behaviorism is a manifestation of how our created of all thinkable of futures will remake societies . . The increasingly discoveries from the sciences manufacturing our surroundings . We societal beings are modeled by factuality. Factuality is a development from the insurgence of technology upon our daily of lives . Not that it commands us to acts as robots , but as it formed us into a verse of futuristic social living and mentalities . Nothing wrong with that .. the problem is acceptance of the libertines and criminal of behaviors . Our natural moralistic of ways are in peril . What can we do ? , The important factor is no to be disconnected from the notions of how individuals acts and reacts upon what this modernity is . We are creating it . We must go along ,then perfect it . There has never been such a thought ; the perfection of human social behavior . Right . What we must do is to be tolerant to some extent. This is where justice rule over chaos . The common laws of justice are to prevail in an instance to contain chaos . There are always will be good people and bad people . It is our human nature .Levels of spreading egos all around us .. what cause all this ? . The supreme force of human will . To be or not to be ; that was never a question .but a choice Call it what you like: Selfishness . Chauvinism . Egocentrics . Bipolar disorders . All so called behaviors do not make modern common societal living. Those are neural individualistic of imbalances that still do need to be well taken care of ….Then to the other side of the societal living spectrum are.the cultural criminal minds...they are heavies .The most egocentric human of behaviors . The manipulators ,. Schemers of their own most secreted of individual selfish of agendas...most of the rest of us are no saints ,then we are not manufactures of wrongfulness . Volition is the prime factor of societal living . Modernism do inflicts even upon the limited egocentric mind of a criminal certain knowledge. They just use it to achieve their evilness .Chaos is now a new chaos. This new future somehow will be structured by its ability to recreate once upon once again the advance of modernity upon chaos and justice...
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