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Written for a friend Brandon who loves trains.
Clickity Clack… Clickity Clack…

It was an adventure of a lifetime, one that he longed for many years.
Brandon was boarding the train when he noticed a small furry
ball hiding in a corner on the far side of the depot.

He found a black and white spotted puppy curled up asleep on the platform.
With no owner to be found, he named her Dottie.
Brandon scooped her up and boarded the train.

He watched the countryside flash by them in a winter wonder.
Snowcapped trees and iced over lakes sparkled in the sunlight.
The valley faded away as the train circled the mountain top.

Clickity clack… clickity clack...

The sound of the train had put Dottie to sleep as it climbed the mountainside.
Brandon drifted off as he watched the cowboys rustling on the range.
He dreamed of Cowboys and Indians chasing the train.

He was wakened by the wet kisses from Dottie.
Who was sitting upon his chest licking his face.
Brandon laughed out loud at his new forever friend.

The train pulled into the station, Beachfront Depot,
just in time for them to walk down the boardwalk,
and see the sunset sink slowly into the ocean.

A sunset of kaleidoscope colors
Pinks, yellows, oranges, blues, and purples.
An adventure he would never forget.

Clickity clack… clickity clack...

Nominated for "Best Medium Length Poem Free Verse."

Signature for use by anyone nominated for a Quill Award in 2020

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