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Sometimes the world must be reminded of why they are here.
It seems nations must be reminded occasionally that complacency and corruption can sweep over them in a smothering blanket of indifference. Caught in a swirling wind of aimless direction a nation will fall in a chasm of despair. Pride falters and the decline continues. In the end, the nation becomes starved for assistance from the outside. Its people suffer deeply from lack of food and housing. Its citizens become embroiled in a fight for survival. Killing and stealing become a way of life. It's about time someone stood up and shouted, "Wake up!" Pride is a deeply ingrained emotion but it can waver and be misled by a lack of faith or indifference. It must be nurtured and reinforced periodically or we forget who we are.

To halt the decline it takes one person to send it in a new direction of purpose again, a person who will bring back the pride. This is where a true leader takes command. One who will force the indifference back into its box of disparity? Through the written word and speech, that person must be able to direct a nation to its goal of power and spiritual strength. However, will a country follow a person who acts like a human? More than likely it won't. A leader cannot have the foibles of ordinary humans or that person is open to ridicule, which will undermine their authority.

Leaders must know all the correct answers and in the face of a crisis make the right decisions each and every time. They must be strong, but willing to be flexible and compassionate. Compromise is a strong virtue, one that cannot be ignored. It is this willingness to listen and then act on the best idea, which sets a leader on the right path. A person set in his or her ways would fail, as a leader because they would always be at odds with the populace, then force would need to be used to restore order. Force instead of guidance ushers in a dictatorship. True leaders must take abuse while showing poise and hold their heads high against the onslaught. Above all respect for another person's ideas or wishes earns a person more confidence in their leadership than a heroic deed. When pride diminishes, an uninvolved consciousness takes control.

Who cares what they do in the capitol! Does it affect me personally? Does it affect the way I run my day-to-day life? Most of the time it does not. The main government is charged with the protection of the country. To provide for its health and well being, but it must know when to stand back and let the country grow on its own. If a government continually tries to direct the populace of a free country, it breeds resentment. A law for this a law for that, in name of 'for their own protection'. We'll make them do this to save them from their own freedoms. Like a big brother or watchful father to look after them. It seems a government whether consciously or by its actions inadvertently tends to act like a parent, a mom, and dad to millions.

What if an ordinary adult was treated like that how would they react? Then on the other hand if the people elected to office did not make these kinds of laws would the populace have the sense to control their own lives? To police themselves so they do not fall into a state of anarchy? A state of base, self-seeking, egotistical humans could take over large parts of a country in order to further their own ideals for power forcing down the common person into a subservient form of life. As humans, we must be forever vigilant about what may lie ahead due to present actions and what has been done throughout history.

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