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Love comes from the depths of the heart.
It is late, and the room is dark. I am alone.
My heart hums softly.
Quiescent in its dull slumber, it drums slowly, unaffected.
With my head on the pillow, I can hear and feel my blood.

Thump... thump... thump.
It pumps leisurely, unhurried in its attempt to keep me from slumber.
Eyeing a white blank wall, I wait.
Silence has command of the room.

Wind in the outside world causes the house to creak, the windows to rattle.
The room remains still.
A random desire floats out of the black mist of my mind.
A woman's face, a delicate face, intercedes; eyes staring, all in my mind.

The face begins to smile, small and gentle.
The power of the face dissolves the wall until only the face remains.
Sounds of surging blood I can hear now.
Thumping, drumming, coursing.

My breathing becomes heavy, and my true feelings are released.
A smile draws across my trembling lips.
A heaviness settles in my chest.
Warm and pleasant the feeling crushes the silence.

The room glows with excitement.
I am alive.
I feel no pain or loneliness for I am in love.

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