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When you just have to sit down and write yourself a letter to get back on track.
Dear Me,

It's been a very long time; I'm sorry that I haven't written sooner. I know that there is no excuse for it. I know that you've been under the weather a lot lately and had surgery this past August. I hope that this finds you doing well and that your 2020 will be the best year ever. I know that you're looking for a break soon.

I have to tell you what I did last night. I did one of those psychic readings; you know the ones on FB ...lol. It said that 2020 would be a fabulous year in my life with adventures and surprises. As long as it's not like my 2019, I'll do just fine.

I know that you didn't get very many of your goals completed last year. I have confidence that you will bounce back this year and successfully achieve those goals and add a few other things in there. I heard through the grapevine that you have at least three trips planned to see family and friends this year. I'm so excited for you. It gives me goosebumps thinking about it. There's nothing like flying to see loved ones. I know that it's been difficult traveling this past year and I'm sure you're looking forward to it.

I do have to say that I'm very proud of you for accomplishing to keep it together during these past seven months. I know that it was terrifying when the doctor told you that you had to have a heart cath and possible stent, especially when you had no time to have your family with you. Thank God you had wonderful friends who were willing to be with you those first days.

I'm so glad that you pulled your strength from God. I know that without faith, none of us could make it. Keep your faith and continue your walk with Him. He will keep you safe and give you the strength that you need. Always keep Him close, never give up hope, and talk to Him always. I know that you don't care what others think. Let them think you are nuts and talking to yourself. I love the looks myself. Remember, you're one of a kind and never change to please anyone. That's what I love about you; your heart is genuine.

I know that you have plans to get healthier in the coming year. I want you to know that I will be beside you every step of the way with support and love. Now that you have a doctor that knows about autoimmune diseases and can help you heal is a significant step to recovery. If this works, all the friends you've made that suffer from these diseases will know about it.

The goals that you have set forth for your writing and activities on WdC shall be attainable as your strength grows. I know this because you are the strongest woman I know. You shall accomplish everything that you set forth for yourself this year. I know that you have set some sights on new adventures with Bonnie, Rwuth, Smarmelle, Lilli, Krysha, Stacie, and all the others in the projects you have all created. So, girlfriend here's to a prosperous year. Oh, don't forget about "Anniversary Reviews and "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group I know that you miss giving those optimal reviews that you love to give. If it gets a little rough, don't be so hard on yourself. It'll be there when you get back. The support that you receive from your team at "Destination: Goal Zone and your WdC family shall grow stronger than ever before. Just keep the faith!

It's incredible what you receive from the entries in "The Lighthouse Poetry Contests But, not really, it gives you so much more than reading the faith of your fellow writers. It gets you closer to Him and the love that He gives to all. May I make a suggestion? Look at what you want to be featured the following month and that it coordinates with seasons and holidays. You did slip a few times on that. But, other than that, you did pretty well. Do a small revamp on it, and you should be good to go.

Now, for your signature shop! It would be best if you did some advertising, girl. How are you supposed to get any sales if you sit there? I know that you've been waiting on some changes to it. But, figure it out by March. It's an excellent signature shop, and your peeps need to know that it's there. Heck, do some giveaways. Have raffles one free signature a month. That should get it going.

Well, it's 2:08 am, and I need to get into bed and get rest. I have a therapy appointment tomorrow. I do want to leave you with this last thought, and I'll keep my mouth shut for a while. Mind you not like this past year; I am going to speak up. Warning, I might do a Gib's slap to the back of your head if you get sidetracked. Here is the best advice I can give you right now.

You have witnessed what can happen to one when faced with near-death situations. It can open your eyes to what is more important in one's life. I know that your family is your most precious gift, and it will be whole again, give it to Him. I ask that you keep focused on God, think before reacting, forgive others, still love on those around you, and those that you come in contact with throughout your day. When you focus on Him, it all comes together quickly. Remember to love yourself as God loves you.

Love always,
Teresa Ann

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