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A poem in praise of rodent bards.
F. A Mad Tea-Party

3. "The Dormouse" – Create an acrostic poem with the words: mousetraps, memories, and muchness (it can be three separate poems or one long one – be creative)

The Dormouse Poem

Mice have many tales to tell,
Or so I’ve dreamed in dreams;
Under the floor and down the well,
Stories flow in streams.
Every mouse is wise, it seems,
Thus Alice learned through dormouse words,
Revealing rodent excellence
And bardic skills like birds,
Profound in meaning and intense,
So logical in sense.

Mock not the tiny dormouse scribe,
Excoriating brains so small;
Mouse wisdom in his words resides
O’er our hightist pride so tall.
Reconsider the giant’s hopeless verse,
Iterate for me his famous words,
Except, of course, you’ll be so terse,
Since their stuff’s just absurd.

Mark well my praise for rodent song,
Unleashed in these few lines,
Cease to castigate and wrong
Hares and rabbits, mice and kine
(Never ask me how the noble cow
Entered my rodent list,
Such things can happen often now
Since a rhyme, when needed, can’t be missed).

And, for what it’s worth, that’s 26 lines and, please, never ask me to do an acrostic again!
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