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A song of the dreaded Carragul.
H. Lobster Quadrille

1. "Mock Turtle Song" – Study this poem - The Mock Turtle's Song - create your own version using any topic of choice. Keep same format.

Mock Turtle’s Song

The Carragul’s Song

“Hark, I hear the Carragul’s song.” softly the Veldskoen declared,
“With patience, he hides by the road and wanderers must beware,
For he leaps with sudden attack, striking with terrible speed.
Pay attention to my story for this warning you should heed.
Beware, be wise, beware, be wise, list to where I lead,
Be wise, beware, be wise, beware, wisdom’s what you need.”

“Most int’resting,” the Gecko said, “I thank you for the warning,
And yet I must ignore your words, they leave me tired and yawning.
The Carragul’s a nonsense thing, no such creature can exist
And how should I accept the word of another made up beast?
Veldskoen, mushroom, Veldskoen, mushroom, tantalise my wits,
Mushroom, Veldskoen, mushroom, Veldskoen, here’s a funny twist.”

“In this you have hurt me deeply,” declared the Veldskoen in pain,
“Though skeptic thoughts, ever my lot, become my eternal bane,
In you I thought I might have found a Gecko loyal and true.
Open those eyes and see me now, here, alive, in front of you.
Insist, persist, insist, persist, being will get through,
Persist, insist, persist, insist, seeing is the clue.”

Line Count: 18
Rhyme: aabbbb
Syllables: 15-15-15-15-13-13

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