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The fight with the Carragul.
A. Looking Glass House

2. "The Jabberwocky" – Study this poem - Jabberwocky - create a nonsensical poem of your own in this same format.

The Jabberwocky

The Carragul

I wandered and the Carragul
Came down to moggle in my face;
He skrated by the Parapul,
And frewled its meldan slace.

Around the vasticle he rode,
And Parapul, though skreeden down,
Holding aloft the Mergantode
Departed for the town.

The Carragul before him raced,
He sang a Fradnopaltish song,
With nordicum his muzzle graced,
Mind set on folderong.

To Hogsworth town he came at last,
And huffled he the folk awake.
They scrobbled from their beds so fast
And ran to menderake!

They hid their fears and took their spears,
Some had swords and a few with racks,
Assembled in the beastie’s rear,
They pressed their brave attack.

The Carragul laughed, verbacious sound,
He turned to defeat the rabble,
But a trailing blurt upon the ground
Stung and made him babble.

The Carragul they slew that day,
Their joy was loud and ferdible,
The wine it flowed, they yelled hooray
Told tales inderlible.

Line Count: 28
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