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Ten invented portmanteau words.
F. Humpty Dumpty

2. "Portmanteau" – our dear Humpty Dumpty seems to be a connoisseur of this, so research about it here - Portmanteau - and then come up with at least ten words of your own design. Wow us!


Panicalm - Panic + Calm. The ability to appear calm while losing it inside.

Accuviate - Accurate + Abbreviate. To abbreviate a passage but remain accurate in meaning.

Accelebrake - Accelerate + Brake. The practice if applying the brake and the accelerator together.

Paluin - Palace + Ruin. A palace allowed to decay to ruin.

Magnigross - Magnificent + Gross. Something that is magnificent but in very bad taste.

Casmart - Casual + Smart. Casual but neat and trendy.

Trumour - True + Rumour. A rumour that turns out to be true.

Dwargantic - Dwarf + Gigantic. A very large dwarf.

Puerunny - Puerile + Funny. Something childish but comic.

Fenine - Feline + Canine. Mythical monster, cross between a cat and a dog.

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