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An invention to make the world a better place.
H. Its My Own Invention

2. "Your Precious Patent" – We could always use something beneficial once in a while. So why don’t you invent something that could be useful to mankind? Share this marvelous invention with us in a blog entry (or static item). (<1000 words)

Your Precious Patent

A very wise man (I thought it was Kahlil Gibran but I can’t find the quote) said that, to find the king, look for the man who least wants to be king. The wisdom of this saying is that it recognises how the lust for power warps and degrades the best of men. The very fact of people putting themselves forward for an election to a position of power, demonstrates that their desire for position makes them unsuitable for the task. This is, in fact, the weakness of all political systems, that those who attain power are the ones who most desire it. And we all know that power corrupts.

My proposal (invention) is that we alter the electoral system to avoid the problem. Let us continue with the existing system (at least until everyone gets the point of my system) but never reward the victors with their expected exaltation to the heights. Instead, success in the election will automatically bar them from government position and any further elections.

Now, a second election will be held in which everyone completes a survey detailing their wishes for the future. It might form part of the census, an addendum to the main document. And the results could be studied by computers, looking for the least ambitious persons in the country. Find those and you have the next President, Prime Minister, Congressman, Senator, Member of Parliament, Grand Poobah, whatever you are looking for. Then install them in the relevant position, by force if necessary, go away and leave them to it.

Power can only corrupt if it is exercised. Leave it lying around, doing nothing, and it withers and dies. So the government can be safely left in the hands of unambitious people and the rest of us can get on with what really matters - living our lives without constant harassment from politicians.

Of course, I’m far too unambitious to ever do anything with my idea so it’s not going to happen. But, if some bright and ambitious young spark ever comes up with and implements it, remember where you heard of it first.

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