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by bandit
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The paths we choose in life have consequences.
There are many things in life that can direct our path. Growing up, my parents directed my path. While they provided for my basic needs they also controlled my education, my social interactions, my state of health and so much more. As a young adult, my then spouse controlled my personal life, my boss controlled my work life, and I grew stronger in my life of faith.

While the paths we may want in life may not always go where we would like to go, we still have free will. It was our will either by determination or by circumstance to either stay on those paths or take a detour.

So many times when we don't choose the right path we tend to blame God. God did not put you on those paths. It goes back to the Garden of Eden. If Eve had not chosen to eat from the Tree of Life, what would have happened? She was led by temptation. God did not lead her into temptation, Satan did. God did not force her hand to pick the apple, Satan did. With free will comes consequences.

Now don't get me wrong, I have made my share of mistakes. Some of those mistakes had significant consequences, but I learned not to ever repeat them. I learned the consequences of not following God's plan. Like Eve, when we go against God's plan of life, we are held accountable. I also learned that following God's plan comes with great rewards.

Like what we are going through now, the pandemic, is not part of God's plan. Or is it? Look at how this country and the world has behaved over the last several decades: massive crimes, homosexuality, total disrespect of the elderly, excessive drug abuse, politicians that can't even align with their own party. This country and the world was in total chaos and now suddenly it is still! While not everyone has the good sense to follow the pandemic guidelines, for the most part people are suddenly nicer and more prayerful since they are not in direct contact.

This world was spinning out of control. Yes I know, there is someone out their that is saying “No my life was great!”. Was it? Even good people who do follow God's plan are being affected. When this country turned away from God, our path was set. Not necessarily something we chose, but a path we created when our people chose to disobey. As a Father, God loves us very much; however, as a Father, it is also his job to discipline us when we go against his will. Despite even that, God is a forgiving God and even these hard times will be relieved if we choose to follow him. The path of righteousness is pathed with pearls. The path of sin is pathed with thorns. Its your choice.
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