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Put on the mask, check the mirror before you leave, keep acting. One day it will be true.
Act As If

Act as If you can’t hear their words,
Act as If you can’t see their looks,
Act as If you can’t feel any hurt,
Act as If you are not already breaking.

Act as If every word does not feel like a knife,
As If every look isn’t burned into your mind.

Act as If you don’t care when you really do,
Act as If nothing can hurt you,
As If your skin is made of steel.

Act as If everything will be alright,
Act as If they don’t exist,
As If they are far, far gone.

Act as If you can just forget then in the morning,
Act as If they don’t don't run through your thoughts,
Act as If, because that’s what they all do.

Just Act as If, and maybe one day you will overcome,
Act as If you will be okay once the day is done,
Act as If you believe in yourself and all that you can do,
Just Act as If and one day it will all be true.

One day, they won't be able to break you,
One day they won't be able to hurt you,
One day, you will shine brighter because,
One day, the strong will rise up,
Fire from the ashes of pain.

One day, the sun will shine on you,
One day, the future will be yours for the taking,
One day, you will show them that
You can't be broken,
You can't be shaken.

One day, you will shatter the chains that bind you,
One day, you will step into the sun,
So don't let them break you,
For today is your day, to rip of the mask,
To show them your strength and not back down.
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