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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2217896
Entry for Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest, April 2020.
DDPC Round 37 Prompt

I, Monster

I, Monster,
wake to this evil dark pit,
for my deeds so vile
I dare not list them here,
my shadowed past,
the crushing burden
that holds me bound,
in my infinite despair,
tortures my soul
with memory.
This, my grim reward
for the predatory years,
fully earned, deserved,
and just my sentence,
does not still my silent screams,
my rage against my captors,
and my stolen voice,
filled with the hatred
of all that lives,
echoes soundlessly
from the walls
of this black well,
the oubliette of
eternal damnation.
The fire of vengeance
burns within my veins,
blazing in my innards,
my sole desire to break these chains
and hunt down my tormentors.
Oh, then they’ll pay in blood
for this, my humiliation,
and the effrontery
of my incarceration.
I’ll make them curse the day
they dragged me, chained,
through the filth
of their halls of justice,
and their disgust at my crimes,
so elegant in autopsy
of each victim’s earthly being,
will be repaid in kind.
But more than this,
my promise is
their mockery has earned my wrath
so full that suffering
will not encompass the pain
I prepare for them.
All things I can bear
but not the laughter
and jokes they aimed at me;
this stings the worst
and they will squirm
when I rip their hearts,
still beating,
from their ribs.
Oh, yes, my friends,
will you say it then,
that I come “armed” into the fray?

Line Count: 60
Notes: An oubliette is a dungeon open only at the top where condemned prisoners were thrown and left to starve to death. The word comes from the French for “forget” since prisoners in the oubliette were simply forgotten.

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