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This is my make out scene... but it is pretty tame.
Having just finished her morning yoga session, she tousled her hair into a messy pony tail and headed for the kitchen to make coffee. Looking out into the breaking dawn, she saw something or someone moving along the edge of the forest between her property and Ryan’s. Her breath caught in her throat. What the hell was that?

She grabbed a spatula and moved to get a better look as the shadow emerged from the darkness and formed into a man. Not just any man, but Ryan. The tension slid from her in waves as she moved to the door; opening it before he had a chance to knock.

“Hey.” he said in a husky whisper. “I saw your light on and was hoping to catch you before I headed off to bed.”

His words had her mind spinning; ‘to bed’. A flash of him laid out on his bed conjured images that were not g - rated. Her checks began to flush.

“I was wondering if... well, if I could bring some people?” he looked at her expectantly, yet there was a touch of un-assuredness.


“My sister called last night to say she and her husband and my nieces and nephews are descending on my place tomorrow for Thanksgiving. She’s not a big one for giving me a lot of time to plan....”

“Oh, sure. By all means.”

“I’ll understand if you don’t want....”

“It’s okay, Ryan. Really it is.”

“Oh, well... there are six of them... you’re sure?”

She could not help smiling at his discomfort, but was only too happy to assuage it. “Of course, I’m sure. Aunt Stephanie texted me to let me know she got a huge turkey. The more the merrier.”

“I could bring more potatoes to cook.”

She couldn’t help laughing at that.


Watching her smile; hearing her laughter, he was drawn in. He stepped in closer to her and she tipped her head up to keep eye contact. His heart beat quickened as he heard her breath catch. His eyes dropped to her lips as he noticed her slip her tongue out and lick them. Desire raced through him like a runaway colt.

He reined in his lust thoughts. Pulling in a shaky breath, he licked his dry lips while keeping his eyes focused on hers. Slowly he lowered his head giving her time to accept his kiss. She could still say no, but if she did it would be like hitting a brick wall face first.

As his lips touched hers, he thought he would go up in flames. A deep moan escaped him as he drew her in deeper. His senses fired up further when he heard her own moan mingle with his. Unable to keep his hands to himself, they moved to cup her face, keeping her with him.

He could feel her hands run up over his chest, shoulders and finally settle around his neck. Anchoring herself to him. The contact was electrical dynamite.

He hands began to roam over her. One captured the back of her head, while the other slid down her body exploring her curves until it slid down to cup her ass. It was as if they were fused together.

How much time passed neither of them knew, but eventually reality slunk back in and he shifted back so that he could gaze down into her glazed eyes. He rested his forehead against hers as the two of them tired to bring their erratic breathing back to normal.

“Can’t get enough of this,” he said in a husky whisper.


His breath felt like a caress across her cheek and she could only smile up at him. Her body buzzed with energy and if he had not had his arms wrapped around her, she felt certain she would fall into a helpless puddle at his feet.

“Though I would love to stay here with you all day; I need to get some sleep. I just checked my phone to get her message before I bolted over here....”

She grinned at him, “Get going them... unless you want to join me for breakfast?” she paused to see his face break into a grin. Laughing lightly, she led the way in and headed for the fridge to get the eggs. As he washed his hands to help her, she told him, “You’ll be on potato duty on Sunday. Aunt Stephanie will put you to work.”

“That’s fine.” he said slipping over by her and dipping down to kiss her again. Not as deeply this time, but just as potent. She almost swooned as he removed his lips and backed up. From the hardness of him, Arlynn knew his body wanted more. She knew hers did as well, but sanity and reality told her that now was not the time or the place.

As he moved back, she felt a wave of disappointment at the loss of his touch. Her own hands slid off of him reluctantly. Still, she managed a smile.

“What can I do?” he asked.

“Bacon.” she told him and he nodded and moved to the fridge to grab the brown wrapped package from the meat drawer.

While they busied themselves with the making and eating of breakfast, they chatted on.

“You’ll come and meet my family tomorrow?” he asked, looking at her expectantly. “They’re really not a bad bunch.... there’s just a lot of them. My sister, Karen and her husband Mark have four lovely, but busy kids. Darren and Todd are the twins. They’re 10. Christina is 8 and Michelle is 4.”


“Yeah, I know. Christina was a surprise, but a welcome one.”

“Oh, my. Your sister had three children under 3 years of age...”

“Yeah, it was crazy for her for awhile there.... She’s got a handle on it now. Living with two brothers toughened her up. She can handle a lot....” They shared a chuckled at that.

“I doubt you were that bad.”

“She begs to differ. I will admit, we were the bain of her existence for a good while. I’m two years younger and my brother is eight years older.”

“Sounds lovely. I don’t have any siblings.”

Ryan chuckled, “you lucked out.”

She smiled and shook her head at him.

“Your family has met them,” he told her, “and they didn’t run for the hills. Nicky will keep the twins in line and Christina and Sarah will have a great time as always. Not sure about Michelle. Last time, she clung to my sister, but she was only about 2 then.”

“It’ll be nice having lots of kids around.”

Ryan grinned over at her, “you haven’t met my sister’s kids... you may change your mind...”

She laughed as she shook her head, “I seriously doubt that.”

Ryan chuckled, “well, I did warn you.”

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