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Dark poem for April 2020 Dark Dreamscapes Contest
Entered in Dark Dreamscapes - April 2020 (see note below)

I cannot break free
The lattice of life has roped me in
Tied me up so that I do not even recognize myself
How do I unravel this web
That threatens my very existence?
I don't even remember
who I once was
when I was free of the entanglements.
Was I ever?

Did my skin ever kiss the sun;
Feel the rain;
Skip over soft, fresh grass?
Did I ever feel anything
Beyond this rage?
Did love embrace me;
Tears move me;
Laughter ring out around me?

Where have my dreams gone?
Am I lost, never to be found?
I scream and yell.
But no one hears me.
No one acknowledges my pain
Because, they like me,
Are entangled too.

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