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Daily problems that autoimmune patients live with, including locked inside their homes.



"Autoimmune Patient a Day of Lockdown"

Opening scene: Location in a small town in Northeast Mississippi it's pouring down rain for the fifth day in a row. A small white country home with green shutters and flower beds in front and along the fence lines on the edge of town.

Act One; Scene One:

Camera fades in on Tonya, focused on the weather app on her phone. She sees that it is showing some relief for the early afternoon but six more days of rain starting late that night with one day of relief in the middle.

Tonya looks out of her living room window, watching the rain slide down her Mustangs slick green body, sipping on her hot tea. She picks up her phone and dials the doctor's office.

Tonya looks out of her living room window, watching the rain slide down her Mustangs slick green body, sipping on her hot tea. She picks up her phone and dials the doctor's office.

Camera fades.

Act One; Scene Two:

Camera zooms in on the doctor's office:

The receptionist answers the phone.

"Generative Health Clinic, this is Sandy speaking. How can I help you?"

Her throat is sore again for the fourth week in a row, and Tonya croaks out.


"Good morning Sandy, this is Tonya Bell,"


"Oh, my goodness, Tonya, you sound horrible, you just can't get well, can you?

Let me guess you can't make it in today?"

She strains out in her froggy voice.


"No, not today. It's raining here so hard.

I can't see the end of my driveway, I better not venture out.

I've missed so many of my treatments, and I'll never get caught up!"

Sandy tried to reassure Tonya.


"Stop your worrying. We will get you back on schedule with your treatments.

The country won't be on lockdown forever, you know."

Tonya strains to get out the words.


"Just, when I was feeling half human again and enjoying being out and about. I'll have to start all over again, won't I?"

Tears streaming down her tear-stained cheeks.


"Yes, depending on how long the pandemic lasts, you might have too!

We'll have to see how long it takes, and we don't want you to get sick any more than you are now.

We'll start the therapy back up when it's safe for you to return.

Half of our patients are out right now.

It'll be alright, you'll see."


I'll call you when the lockdown is lifted and set up my treatments again.

Tell everyone; I said hello, and you have a great day Sandy.


Sounds good, Tonya, I can't wait to see you again.

Take care, and have a beautiful day."

Tonya hangs up the phone and stares out the window again as the rain slides down onto the sidewalk into the flooded yard.

The tears slide down her cheeks once more.

Tonya sits down in the chair next to the window facing the street. She watches the traffic as it busily drives past her in a blur. Sipping on her tea.

(Sounding sad, angry, and confused.) She yells at the reflection in the window.


"The therapy was working, I know it is, now this!

Why, when I was feeling normal again?

Tell me, why now are my rights taken away again?

I've been on my lockdown for nine months now, sick, hurting, quarantined from others.

Now, they call it social distancing, good name for it, I guess.

I've been doing this way too long, and you'd think I would be used to it by now.

One should never get used to being alone!"

She looks down at her now empty cup, and she sighs, getting up to refill it.

Camera fades out:

Act One; Scene Three:

Camera fades in.

Finding Tonya asleep in the chair next to the window, a cool breeze coming in the open window. Chimes are ringing outside the window on the porch. She stretches her body out as she stands up. She heads to the bathroom and returns to the living room. Brushing her hair and slipping on her sandals one at a time, grabbing her keys, phone, and sunglasses. She slides her glasses on and puts her phone and keys in her pocket, and heads out the front door.

Tonya holds the left side of her back as she slowly walks to the mailbox. Pulling down her sunglasses with her right hand, she squints her eyes, looking at the clouds looming overhead. Her eyes start to sting, and tears start rolling down the outside of her eyes and sliding her sunglasses back on quickly to stop the pain of the sunlight.


"Great, is it going to rain again?

I'll have to check the weather channel and see what the rest of my day is going to be like.

Wait, I have already checked it this morning.

Are you sure you checked it already?

Guess I need to double-check it out!"

She opens the mailbox looking inside and turns her head looking at the stop sign on the corner, then looks once again inside the mailbox, no mail. She still puts her hand inside and moves it around to double-check for any letters that might be stuck. Closes the mailbox, and looks down the deserted street, shaking her head.


"Why, it's sure quiet for a Monday, too bad everyone is sleeping instead of working or whatever it is people do these days."

Walking back up her drive, she notices her flowers need watering on the porch. The camera focuses on her flower pots sitting around her small front porch and catches Tonya turning and looking at her water hose wrapped in a snake-like pile next to the water faucet.

Tonya (sighs)

"Well, do I feel like dragging the water hose out, then you have to wind it back up, so Jay doesn't mow over it.

I know I'll just pull them out in the yard, and mother nature can water them.

Wait, you need to check and see if it's going to rain first, or you'll have to drag the water hose out and wind it back up."

She sighs looking at her phone screen as she tries to check the weather on her phone. Walking inside where she can focus and see her screen, then lays down her phone on the table in the entry hall.

Camera fades out:

Act Two; Scene One:

Camera fades in on Tonya as she's walking back out to her front porch. She sits down on the porch swing and stares at all the flower pots. She will either move them or get the hose out and water them. She debates her problem and starts to swing back and forth, relaxing and decides to have another cup of tea. She disappears and returns with a cup of hot tea. Sitting back down on the swing, she starts swinging as she sips her tea.


"Now, what have you decided to do about the watering girlfriend?"

"Nothing, I'll decide that after I drink my tea."

"Alright, but you know how you are?"

"Yes, I do. You just never mind what I do!"

"Gezzz, Tonya, you really need to stop talking to yourself."

"Yeah, I know, right?"

She takes another sip of her tea and lays down on the swing as it rocks back and forth, dozing off to sleep.

Camera fades out:

Act Two; Scene Two:

Camera focuses on the rain off of the front porch as it picks up from a sprinkle to a downpour.

Startled, Tonya sits up, realizing that it's raining and looks out in the yard as the rain pelts once again upon her car. She sighs once more.


"Well, you lost that chance again, you'll have to water the plants tomorrow. Hopefully, you'll feel like it or maybe not."

Tonya gets up and walks into the house to answer her ringing phone.

Sounding surprised that it's ringing.


"You haven't rung in days. Who could be calling me?"

"Oh, possible spam, that's all you get anymore since you got sick."

"No one wants to call you and check on you because when they ask you how you are, you tell them the truth."

"And, the truth they shall hear, I'm not going to start lying so that people will want to talk to me or do things with me again."

“You can’t help it if you have to watch what you eat, how it's cooked, or that you’re allergic to almost everything that you come in contact with these days.”

“Or that you have migraines every day and struggle to get out of bed, that’s not counting fighting with your own body to go to sleep.”

Sounding sarcastic.

"Well, then talk to the spammer if you want!"

"No way, well, I could have some fun with them, couldn't I?"

She slides the green button on her phone to answer it.



Jack answers quickly in a business-like voice.


"Good evening, my name is Jack from United Care; this call is being recorded for training purposes.

We are calling you to extend your health care coverage for a low price of $49.99 a month."

Sounding sweet in her southern accent, she replies to Jack.


"Oh, that's so kind of you for extending it at that great price. But I have one question."

Catching him off guard, he answers her back.


"Yes, ma'am, I'd be glad to answer any questions. How can I help you?"

She decides to sound like she's puzzled by the offer.


If you're extending my health care benefits, why does it cost me anything?"

Once more, he's caught off guard by her sweet voice and replies.


"It covers all those other expenses you might have."

Sounding sweet again to throw Jack off, she replies.


"Oh, I never thought of that (pausing for a second), but why am I paying for something that isn't costing me to start with?"

Dumbfounded by the sweet sound of her voice, she catches him off guard again.



He pauses, thinking of something to say, then blurts out.


"It's to pay for anything your regular benefits don't cover."

Sounding perturbed and has grown tired of this little game, and she decides it's over.


"Ok, I've had enough, take me off of your calling list, I'm on the DO NOT CALL list.


Hangs up on Tonya.

Humor has now set in. A small laugh erupts from Tonya.


Hello, hello, now, why did they hang up?"

Camera fades out:

Act Two; Scene Three:

The camera follows Tonya down her hallway to her charming little kitchen in the back of her house.

Opening the refrigerator door, she stands there perplexed.


"Crap, what am I going to eat tonight?"

"Do you want to cook or not?"

"Not, really, but I want Sriracha Chicken!"

"Really, well, it will take you half an hour or more. Do you feel like it?"

"You know very well you need to eat fresh meals to keep up your energy."

"You could cook or just snack on some veggies."

"Yeah, I guess I'll cook then."

Tonya drags all the ingredients out to make the gluten-free meal that she loves. She starts chopping and dicing up the vegetables as the chicken boils in the seasoned water. Pouring a generous amount of Olive oil into a frying pan to saute, she adds the vegetables, seasoning, and removes the chicken, adding the pasta to the boiling water.

She finishes cooking and adds the pasta to the sauce, chicken, and vegetables, then puts it in her favorite blue china plate, pouring herself a glass of Cranberry Cherry Tart juice, her makeshift wine. Walking into the living room and sitting down her glass and plate. Says her prayers thanking God for another blessed day, the food and shelter He provides to her.

Turning on her TV and selecting a 2-hour movie that she has watched six times this week.

Sounding tired and exhausted.


"Maybe I can get through all of it before I fall asleep again!"

She whispers back to herself.


"We'll see, good luck with that."

She glances down and sees her pillbox sitting on the coffee table next to her plate.


"When are you going to remember to take your pills?"

"Yeah, I know, that's why you bought the pillbox!"

"Now, you have to stay up to take them.

You know if you keep missing to take your meds you could die, is that what you want?"

"No, alright, I promise to do a better job at it.

There, I took the first one. Can I eat my dinner now?"

Tonya finishes her meal and settles in to watch her movie.

The camera focuses on the time as she looks at her phone. It is now 8 pm.

She takes her next pill, a pain pill, her body has been fighting her from head to toe all day, and she can no longer take the pain.


"There must be a bad storm coming in tomorrow."

"How did I get here? I used to be so athletic!

Why does my body have so many battles within itself?

The tears slide down her cheeks once again.


"How can I battle something I can't see?"

"Give it to God, Tonya!"

Tonya slowly slides down her couch getting more comfortable as she watches the characters in the movie talking. She fades off into her dream world. A few hours later, she is being jolted awake by the thunder and lightning that just struck outside her house.

She jumps up and runs to the door, swinging it open.

Camera fades out; as a bolt of lightning strikes again!
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