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After an escape from a bear encounter, Arlynn decides taking things slow is over rated.
Arlynn was not sure how long she stayed in the outhouse, but she made sure she was steadier before she pushed open the door and peered into the surrounding forest. She needed to make sure the bear was gone before heading back along the trail to the cottage. She did not need another encounter with it. As she approached the deck, she caught a glimpse of Ryan as he emerged from the path running between their two properties.

He took one look at her and rushed forward. “Are you okay?” he asked reaching out to pull her into his arms. Concern etched into his handsome face.

As his arms encircled her, she could feel herself begin to tremble. When her legs gave out, Ryan caught her and lifted her into his arms. She wrapped her arms up around his neck. In a few long strides, he had them up on the deck where he lowered them both into one of the Muskoka chairs. Arlynn sank into the strength of him.

“What happened out there?” he asked dipping his head to see into her wide eyes.

Arlynn struggled to regain her composure. She drew in deep breaths trying to slow her racing heart. Ryan waited patiently rubbing her arm and keeping her nestled close to him. When she was able to speak, she only managed, “a - a - a - bear.”

Ryan understood. Tucking her closer, he rested his head on top of hers.

Black bears were not really a huge concern, unless you had the bad luck to come between a mother bear and her cubs, but even seeing a bear up close and personal was a rather jarring experience. He'd had his far share of unexpected encounters. He could understand her nerves.

“Want to tell me what happened?” he asked keeping his voice calm.

When she was able to form coherent sentences and not struggle to find her voice, she did so. Having Ryan’s arms around her helped her get her fear under control and as it ebbed she told her story. Feeling much more secure in his embrace, they were both able to see the humour in the situation. The eminent danger was over.

But as the fear slipped away, Arlynn felt her desire stir and swell. Adrenalin spurred her to be bold.
For a moment, time seemed to stand still, then as if anchoring herself to him she slid her palm down his chest and fisted it in the softness of his shirt. She tipped her head up and pressed her lips to his. His lips parted in surprise. Ravenous, she bit his lip then soothed it with her tongue.

“I want you,” she whispered against his lips.

“You can have me... but are you sure?” he whispered back. They’d had several discussions of taking things slow and easy. He hadn’t wanted to rush her, though it was killing him to get so close and have to practice restraint. Even now, he fought the beast that threatened to follow pure instinct.

Her response was to kiss him again. This time building from sweet succulence to a frenzy of passion and hunger. He was with her fully. His blood on fire for her.

Her hand released it’s grip on his shirt to rest over his heart, while the other already at his neck, moved up into his hair to glide through it and pull him closer.

Ryan groaned pulling her into him. When she pulled back to look up at him, her eyes were dark with desire. He loosened his grip when she shifted over his lap to straddle him. Her thighs, sliding over his, nearly did him in. He dropped his hands to her legs and followed her silky softness up under the skirt she wore. Their mouths fused together.

His fingers sought the edge of her underwear and as he traced the silky edges from her hip down, down, down. When he stroked the dampness of her silk panties, her breath caught. He smiled, breaking the kiss for only a moment before she leaned in to kiss him again. This one was a deep drowning kiss, like he was her air and she couldn’t get enough of him.

God, he’d never get enough of this woman.


Arlynn let her hands explore him, dropping lower and lower, wanting to touch him everywhere. If they weren’t outside, she would have stripped his shirt off, but instead she moved to the thick bulge rubbing against her belly. Her fingers fumbled clumsily with the button fly of his jeans.

When his hands joined hers, she almost cried out in victory as she shifted so that he was able to undo the fasteners and shift the material enough so that she could slide back against him.

With them pressed into each other Ryan slid his hands back under the edge of her panties and touched the soft folds of her pleasure. She nearly came undone.

Within moments he thrust home. Time stood still as they adjusted to each other, then they were moving as one, finding the rhythm and building it together. Arlynn called out his name in breathy whispers as the tension rose higher and higher. He’d met her thrust for thrust. When they reached the peak and jumped into ecstasy together, he had roared out into the night.

When the moment settled around them, Arlynn snuggled into him. She couldn’t believe she had given herself so freely... and they were still outside surrounded by the lapping lake and the sun dipping into the treeline on the horizon. In silence they watched the glow around them. The coolness of the early evening began to set in as her skin prickled.

Ryan kissed the top of her head and she smiled.

“That was amazing,” he whispered not wanting to release his hold on her.

“It was,” she agreed.

“Can we do that again?” he asked, then added, “maybe inside, next time.”

Arlynn chuckled, then shifted so that she could look up into his beautiful, blue eyes. “that could probably be arranged, but I don’t really want to move.”

Ryan ran his hands along her arms and she shivered, “But you’re getting chilled.”

“Only the parts not touching you.”

He chuckled. “I’ll build us a fire,” he said with his voice dripping with temptation. He wriggled his brows suggestively and Arlynn giggled and nodded.

He helped her up onto shaky legs and she pulled her skirt back down as she watched him straighten and fix his own clothing.

“Maybe the next time we’ll try it without any clothing,” he said as he took her hand and walked her to her back door.

“That sounds like a plan,” she agreed, giving him a radiant smile.


Inside by the glow of fire light, Ryan pulled Arlynn in for a tender kiss. His hands slid over her back pulling her softness up against his hard, taunt muscle. He was still strung like a violin. Arousal moved over him like a fright train, yet he forced himself to take his time. Savour the moment. His fingers moved to the hem of her shirt and lifted it ever so slowly over her head revealing smooth silky skin.

His eyes took in the sight of her within the honey glow of the firelight. Her breasts pebbled as she arched toward him longing for his hands on her heated flesh. Setting his hands on her waist he slowly let them glide up over her soft curves. When he cupped her bountiful breasts and let his thumbs stroke over her nipples, she let out a needy moan that went straight through him drawing him tighter still.

Letting out a ragged breath, he took her lips in a lusty kiss. Their tongues tangled and explored. Where Arlynn’s hands touched him, he seemed to be on fire. Her hands worked at the buttons of his shirt. Halfway, slipped her hand over his bare chest as she continued to release the last few. She murmured soft sounds of appreciation as her fingers made contact and swirled in the hair of his chest.

When the shirt was open, she pushed it off, then breaking the kiss she let her lips trail down over his sensitive skin. Her tongue flicking and nipping at him causing him to groan. His own hands pushed her skirt down over her slender hips so that the material pooled at her feet in a flourish. Sliding over her hips, he let one hand slip within her legs as the other divulged her of her underwear.

Contact with her silky center brought her lips back to his as she pressed toward him. He could feel her legs go slack and held her as he lowered her to the blankets they had gathered in front of the fireplace.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” she whispered as he moved to join her.

Ryan feasted on her naked beauty as he knelt before her. She helped him release the buttons of his jeans then watched in fascination as he stripped off the last of his own clothes. The look in her eyes, wanton, made him harder still. Her tongue dipped out to lick her lips, he felt his heart skyrocket.

When she reached for his cock, he captured her hands. Her eyes met his and he felt as if he would drown in the depths.

“We need to slow this down, make it last,” he told her huskily. When she made to protest, he shook his head and said, “I want to taste you first.”

Her lips formed a little oh as he dipped down to kiss her lips languidly, then trailing kisses over her, he moved lower and lower still. Savouring each rise and fall of her body. Eventually he settled between her legs and smiled against her damp flesh as she moaned his name and tangled her fingers in his hair.


Ryan worked his magic over her sensitive folds and it was not long before her breathy moans built into a crescendo as she screamed out his name. Body heavy and languid she lay there was he worked his way back up to her lips. She could taste herself on his tongue.

“My turn,” she managed as her breath began to return to normal.

“Later,” he told her as he settled himself over her and slid deep within her. They both moaned at the fullness of the contact. After a beat, he began to move slow and steady. He kissed her deeply and enjoyed the caresses she gave as her hands moved over his broad, muscular back. As the tension built, so did their breathing.

Replete they lay tangled together. Their faces mere inches from each other.

“I’ve never…. Experienced that quite so…” she took in and released a shaky breath and he smiled at her. “Three orgasms.” She whispered as if awestruck.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he teased and she gave a breathy laugh.

“I’ve never been able to come before,” she told him quietly.

His eyes widened, “never?”

She shook her head as she continued in a whisper, “Lance had me thinking there was something wrong with me. Told me I was frigid.”

Indignation sparked through him and he shifted to his elbow to look down at her. “Hell, woman. There is NOTHING wrong with you. The man was an idiot.” Ryan kept his voice low and controlled as he bit back the agitation that bit of news brought to him.

Arlynn reached up and stroked his check. Their eyes held, then she smiled a sweet smile that melted his bones and he sank back down pulling her into him as he began to kiss her all the more tenderly.

“Again?’ she asked playfully.

“Hell, yeah,” he mumbled against her lips. Then he swallowed the giggle that escaped her as he rolled her over him for another round.

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