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Flash Fiction 5/7/20 W/C 294

Secret Recipe

George and I work at a restaurant that has secret recipes. The secret recipes are not so secret really. We use them every day. So what is the big deal if one of them happens to get lost you say?

I had an idea.

"Hey George, what if we sell the recipe for the killer BBQ sauce?" I was stirring a big pot of the sauce one hot summer day. I hated stirring the sauce. I wanted to be fishing.

George looked over at me. He was flipping burgers at the grill. We both wore the uniform of the restaurant. Cheap red t-shirts and red ball caps with white aprons that needed to be washed a few days ago.

"Are you nuts? If they find out you did that, your butt will be in a sling, my man." George continued to flip the greasy burgers.

So we thought this plan over for a month or so. We wrote down the recipe in stages. One day I wrote part on my hand. One day George wrote part on his hand. When we left the restaurant, we would write the parts on paper. Seemed to work. After a time, we had the recipe for the killer BBQ Sauce.

We made some sauce. We sold some at the Farmer's Market. Then the Secret BBQ Sauce made us millions in a year. We bought the restaurant and the original recipe.

The secret formula is now kept locked in that safe over there. It's written in a book. Just a regular composition book. It is called 'The Key to the Kingdom'. All the recipes are written there. We don't want that recipe to get copied again. The Secret BBQ Sauce recipe is going to stay secret from now on.

W/C 294

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